Friday, February 1, 2013

Sweet Tea Kale juice?

Yesterday I got to visit Plant High School to meet with girls about a bible study.  I had to catch them in between school and flag football practice and I followed my rule for getting people to like me.   

Bring food.  

Chic-fil-a is on the way to the school so I stopped in for some after school treats.  I wish I had a picture of me doing this but I got to re-live my glory days of a high school track star and complete one high jump.  HAHAHAHHHAHAHAHA.  And no, I'm not laughing at calling myself a "track star".   I'm sure this girl is at least laughing with me........It was funny.  I also can't believe I don't have a picture.  I didn't have any Chic-fil-A but the smell of french fries wafting through my car on the way home was making me want awful things so I turned to my sweet friend, green juice.

Because I was so determined to add a whole bale of kale to the juice I neglected to make it palatable to anyone but me, much less, "sweet".  Kale, grapefruit, and starfruit made for a tart juice.  I liked it.  In a warhead kind of way.  Matt and his parents drank it but I'm not sure it wasn't for my benefit.  Jokes on them because it is actually for their benefit.  Kale is the jam.

I'm going to call this balanced living.  Or refusal to wash more dishes than I have to.  Dump out the remainder of a jumbo sweet tea.  Fill with green juice. 

We were meeting some family for dinner at the mall and AC (Aunt Carol) really wanted us to see Kever (my uncle) shopping around Nordstrom.  He honestly looked grumpy when I said I wanted to take a grumpy picture but then he started laughing at me and only I look grumpy which is hilarious because I could live in that store.  


 You see those socks in my hand?  One of my Facebook friends posted about new running socks yesterday and I couldn't stop thinking about new socks all day.  Done.  I live for gimmicks.  And they were recommended by Runner's World.  And I read that so I believe them.  We'll see.  I have a free afternoon, new socks, an audio book that is so good, and perfect weather....I feel a long run in my Friday plans.  A full review up tomorrow.  .


  1. Totes laughing with you! Hey, you were really good at the high jump! Of course, I never successfully got over a single hurdle, I'd always face-plant, so I thought you were flying!

    1. Woohoo! I'm so glad you commented. I needed some validation.