Friday, March 15, 2013

Best day.

I don't think I've cried, laughed, and and smiled so much as yesterday. 

1. I got the best news from a best friend.

This seems like something we would have done. 
We were kind of obsessed with french braided pigtails in high school. 
Why not attach your BFF to your hair?

2.  Matt came home for the weekend & I met his new band and they are solid guys.

photo sourced from @thisisrobthomas

3. We had my favorite meal (pho).

 4. A little princess who was climbing her dresser like a rockstar mountaineer was protected from 200 lbs of tutus, glitter tights, and tiaras in said dresser by angels and made it through a traumatic night at the ER like a champ.  Thank you Jesus. 

So much good crammed into a weekday. 
And I had the best strawberries in the world this morning.  I'll probably be hungry in 4 minutes because I skipped oatmeal for these but dang.  So delicious.  Thank you California for continuing to ship your strawberries cross country even though we grow them here because your dirt has magical sweeteners in it to make strawberries more delicious than ours. 

And this will impress no one but my mom (ha, if you knew my mom you know this wouldn't impress her either) but every morning I make a latte and try to pour the espresso into a heart.  It never happens and all it does suck precious time from my morning but I am very persistent.  It paid off this morning!  Woo-hoo! 


  1. 1. French braids are the bomb!
    2. I purposely saught out Florida strawberries in Delaware.
    3. Impressive coffee pouring skills, enjoy the caffine for me


  2. Awww. Yes, princess just has a few bruises. No trip to the doc or ER, calm your thoughts a bit. I just slowly undressed her to check for breaks and bruising. She was able to move everything without pain, so we just watched her closely for 48 hours. Tuff girl.