Friday, May 3, 2013

How to run before work and not smell and get fired from your job.

For me, working out in the morning is THE BEST.  I don't do it enough because I am at work downtown at 8am but I did this morning and I'm feeling pretty great.

What could be THE WORST?  This.

I just got nauseous.  Blech.  This unnamed gross cocktail drinker is in New York too so that garbage probably cost $30.  Remind me to tell you the story of a NYC bar tab of nearly $100 for just Matt and I.  For 4 drinks.  That is what I spend a month on gasoline.  Correction:  That is MORE than what I spend on gasoline.  Now I'm nauseous. 

Not nauseous enough to sleep through my morning work out though. I tend to bail on exercise a lot for awesome things like hanging out with friends, heading out to Sweet Tomatoes, and some not so awesome things like Law and Order: SVU marathons.  If I walk/run/spin before my day starts I have more energy and feel better about all of the choices I make throughout the day.  However, you must plan if you like crazy stuff like making it to work on time, smelling like a person that likes to keep their job, and not starving.

Go to bed early.  Rachel, put down your phone and stop reading the news.

Set your alarm clock with enough time for your work out, getting ready for work, and your commute.  For me I am going for 5:15am.

 I am a morning person that loves to run and it still is hard.  This gives me 10 minutes to act like a baby and whine to my dog about it, 30-40 minutes for my run depending on how far I want to go, an hour to shower, get ready, MAKE COFFEE, and pack my breakfast/lunch, and get to work on time.  I give myself about 20 minutes of give in my morning to not feel like I'm running a marathon on days I decided to work out before work. I also like to see as much as I can of Robin Roberts, she is awesome. 

I brewed two shots of espresso last night and kept it in the fridge until I was ready.  This will also be followed by Cuban coffee once I get to work. I'm really fun to talk to in the morning.
 Because it is still dark, and my neighborhood is a far cry from "safe" I run with my ferocious dog, reflective clothing, pepper spray, and my phone.  I don't see my phone as making me a target for getting burgled.  I use my GPS for my runs to give me my time and I have the "find my phone" app which I would hope could help the police locate me in case someone tries to snatch me.  I wanted a gun for a long time, like a small tiny one I could strap it to my thigh and pretend I was Lara Croft but 1.) I would shoot myself in the foot and 2.) I read into what it meant to get my license and it turns out you have to commit to actually using your gun to shoot someone if you become licensed.  A gun in the hands of someone who won't use it is super dangerous <--and that would be me.  So I'll stick to pepper spray and wave my dreams of combat boots and swinging through  my gigantic mansion, killing bad guys to Lara. 

Protect yo'self.

I am hardly exhausted from getting up early to work out and strangely always have more energy throughout the day.  Going to bed at a decent time is crucial though. 

How dark it is even after 4 miles.  I saw two cars total.  Luke wouldn't even come off the porch to stretch with me he was so scared.
  Unrelated and probably annoying information but shocking nonetheless.  I love this BBQ sauce.  And it was buy one get one free at Publix last week so I came home with two dreaming of life without Bob Harper and when I can brush this all over my grilled veggies. 

Yum!  Love this stuff....let's look at the ingredients.

The first ingredient is "liquid sugar".  Womp womp.  Now I know why it is so good.  Any better for you barbecue sauces out there I should know about?  I'm a mustard based fan.


  1. where is the pepper spray from?! That's SO much better than the one I have!

    1. Isn't it cute! There probably isn't anything less scary though than pepper spray in a pink sprayer:) I got mine at Office Depot or Staples, can't remember which one.