Thursday, February 14, 2013

Treat yo' self. Or someone else. To a razor.

Happy Valentine's Day!  I love today even though it recieves a lot of flack from the public.  A day devoted to love?  Why do people hate that?  Love your friends, your neighbors, your sweet labradoodles.  It doesn't have to be your significant other. 

Obviously, because this is my sweetheart for today.

This cleanse took a turn for the worse yesterday. 

I just can't seem to resist chips and of my many vices is bottomless chips and salsa.  And two-for-one margaritas.  Even Luke thought it all looked pretty tasty. 

In my defense, I tried to circumvent this inevitable situation and stick to a clean eating plan to finish out my cleanse.  I had a hot date with my babe of a friend already in the calender and she goes into fits of rage when I cancel things (it has NEVER happened before:) so I knew I couldn't cancel with the excuse of  "I can't eat anything" so I tried to sway her with the best restaurant in the world, Sweet Tomatoes.  It is the only chain I make sure to visit every week, <--I wish that weren't true.  So I sent out an innocent text meant to ease the change from our standing location, a Mexican place, to the best restaurant in the world, Sweet Tomatoes. 

I don't even understand.  It's salad.  With everything chopped up already so you don't have to do anything but arrange your plate like a rainbow.  And they have sweet potatoes already cooked.  Dozens of them.  And they have soup.  And bread. And pasta.  And a fro yo machine.  HOW IS THAT NOT LIKABLE?  New resolution for the year....kidnap Liz and take her to Sweet Tomatoes and force her to like it. 

 So it happened.  And that Mexican food was really good.  And today's a new day. 

Everyday this week, I've started my morning with a green juice.  A deliciously tart conglomeration of kale (duh), cucumber, pears, celery, ginger, kiwi, and apple.  I decided that today I needed a red juice to help me get into the Valentine's Day spirit.  So I added kale (duh), red apples, pomegranate seeds, beets, carrots, and red grapefruit juice.  And it turned brown.  I may have overdone it with the kale.  So for V-day I drank a big glass of brown juice.  Of all days for brown juice drinkin'.  So gross looking, so tasty though. 

Giveaway winners!  I couldn't choose so I chose three.  One was a write in because she couldn't figure out how to leave a comment.  <---she also doesn't like Sweet Tomatoes that makes more sense now. 

I'm so glad I am not the only one who HATES shaving her legs.  Your responses were amazing.  Ladies please send me your addresses to and I'll ship em' to you asap.  Please let me know how you like it! (and how it changed it your life, because it will)

Sarah really needs a new razor because she is getting married soon and will love it. 

She said, "Shaving is awful. My shaving experiences usually end up looking like the shower scene from "Psycho". I don't know why it's such a challenge but I'm constantly trying new razors to find the solution to this shaving query. You should pick me randomly because I can't stop shaving, even in the cold wintry months. I have to wear panty hose (gag x a million) and if you have stubble, the 'hose fight back. #firstworldwinterproblem"

Tina said, "I HATE shaving.... good thing Adam is gone A LOT so I only have to do it when a. he is coming home or b. I want to wear a skirt/dress. Also, shaving blonde leg hair is so hard bc you can't see it and then end up missing big patches! LAME SAUCE= shaving.

I feel you, the one good thing about a husband that is hardly ever home is the lack of shaving I need to do. 

And Liz, "We're supposed to shave our legs???? News to me! Totally joking. However, I won't be if I don't win this giveaway bc I have 16 razor blades that I can not access bc they are in an unopenable (def not a word) container! I may need to take a blow torch to it soon. Thanks for the Christmas gift mom and dad, a teaser of razor blades! Pick me for the winner! Pick me! Pick me! Pick me! My students are going to get sick of seeing me in pants every day soon..."

Liz got a pack of 16 razor from Costco that she can't open (again, probably because she doesn't like Sweet Tomatoes and isn't very strong) so she doesn't even need a new razor but once she gets it she is going to looooooooooove it.  And in return come to a salad buffet with yours truly. 


  1. Hey Rachel, Sweet Tomatoes is my FAVORITE!! It's everything I always want in my kitchen already chopped and ready to throw on an overflowing plate of deliciousness! I also have to confess, I love the salads, can forego the pizza and pasta but MUST.HAVE.SOFTSERVE... It's the best! All for like $8... Can't beat it!! LOVE IT!! Great post!! :)

    1. A- Thanks! I know right? Please tell me that you are part of "Club Veg" their frequent diners club. I get coupons every month.