Friday, February 15, 2013

Sweet treats and excellent photography

I hope everyone had a fantastic Valentine's Day loving on people and dogs.  I had the funniest thing happen to me.  I work every morning in a building in Downtown Tampa and I stayed yesterday a little later than usual because our building provides Bananas Foster every Valentine's Day for our tenants and I was helping coordinate it so I though I should stay.  I don't know if anyone knows this but I am an excellent photographer with incredible timing.  It's a gift.  Said gift can be witnessed below at how I caught the "flambe" portion of the cooking bananas.  It's hard to see but the flame is there.  Talent folks.

For really incredible photography and not the pictures my iphone takes you should go here and hire her for your important dates.  She's awesome.  If you want me to show up at an important event so I can take pictures of you with my iphone, you can hire me too.  Just look at how amazing I proved to be when I thought I'd take a picture of how long my hair was and send it to my friend that cuts it for her to laugh at.  Those are the four best shots I got.  That is sad.  What's sadder is the fact I thought she'd want to see me try and get my hair touch my butt.  It did.


But I had a funny story to tell.  One of the members of our staff came to my office around lunch with a big bouquet of hydrangeas and lilies.  She very vaguely told me that these were for me, and I needed to come with her to look out the window.  As we did, I saw a guy standing in the rain (it was pouring)  with a king size bed sheet that he'd painted with the words "Will you be my valentine?" on.  My coworker looked at me and said "That's Bentley".  She said this like I'd know this Bentley and while he seemed very sweet to do this for me, I don't.  I'm glad my coworkers think I had a guy on the side.  Yup, she'd delivered this AMAZING Valentine's Day surprise to the wrong Rachel.  Bentley was just as confused to see me standing in the window waving at him.  We found the right Rachel but poor Bentley was soaked.  It was really sweet and it was fun to be a part of, even if it was the wrong part.  I wish I'd taken my phone and got a shot of him out there but I was so surprised by the flowers I'd just got up and left without it.  

I picked up our new conference table for our FCA office yesterday.  I'm thinking of painting just the base a bright color. Side note: Yoga mats are excellent at furniture protectors.  

 Like....... hot pink, kelly green, or fluorescent yellow.  

Which color?  

It was really cold and rainy here in Tampa yesterday.  A really horrible day for a popsicle but I wanted something sweet and also a whole food (these are 100% fruit, no added sugar, no processing other than cleaning and blending for the popsicle mold, I forget the brand, but I got them at Whole Foods).  It was good but not a great day for a cold treat.  I kind of wanted hot cocoa out of heart shaped mug while watching Pitch Perfect but I know how much Matt wants to see it so I will wait for him.

My single ladies (or ladies with their valentine out of town), what did you do to celebrate?  

And which color should go on the table base? <---walls are gray, no other furniture or color scheme yet

And I'm taking compliments on my photography to use as testimonials for my new website.  Please leave them.


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    1. Tttttttttttt- you didn't tell me which one you liked best. And you didn't leave a testimonial. Not fair.

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    1. Pink! It's done!! Thanks B! It's drying now but when I get it put together I'll take a picture.