Saturday, March 16, 2013

Fitting in 24 hours of fun is tough stuff.

Yesterday's beautiful weather was perfect for walking and Matt was home so I got to leave my pepper spray at home.

We took the guys to Taco Bus for delicious tacos but one of them ordered the beef tongue taco and ruined it.

No one ruined it at Cigar City because it was delicious as usual. Yum. We didn't make it in time for the chocolate cheesecake keg which bummed me out but I'm pretty sure I'll make it to tomorrow. And one of Matt's band members looks like Robert Pattinson. Pick which one and he'll jump into the sun, face full of sparkle.

Luke is like his dad and a night owl, he sleeps all day and really gets hyper after midnight. This is what the rug looked like afterwards. Our house is the size of a kumquat so it's not like he has much room to run.


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