Thursday, May 9, 2013

The post about a fly.

Everybody is home!  We had our families over last night for dinner and to celebrate Matt's parent's birthdays because they were in Africa and we didn't have a chance to sing the Hires' family's favorite song (true story, if you are a member of the Hires family, every single member calls you on your birthday and sings the entire birthday song, even on your answering machine). 

Matt made his famous cobbler.  Hardly any butter in his recipe as you can see.  Ha.

And I even set the table.  That is a rarity.  Also, kept it classy with red solo cups.

Matt's dad takes really great photos and showed us some highlights from their trip.  It was insane how they remembered every one's names.  There were a ton of people they met and the names were really hard to say and they remembered almost every single one.  I think that speaks to their love for relationships.

Another highlight of the evening was killing this fly. <---Things get pretty wild over here.

 It was so nice out so we left some doors open and unfortunately the flies in our neighborhood are fed some growth hormone. I chased this guy around the house with a dish towel for about ten minutes to no avail but Matt got him in a single clap.  It was amazing. 

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