Thursday, June 6, 2013

Happy Running Day! Yesterday!

Yesterday was National Running Day!  And guess what Rachel wasn't doing?  RUNNING.  :(

My last run was almost two weeks ago which is the longest time in a while I haven't run.  My back healed over the weekend which meant I could run again and I was so excited.

And then I found out I had to get a spot on my abdomen removed and get lots of stitches so I had to wait a couple of days.....and then I could run again and I was so excited.

And then all of the nose gunk on the planet decided to descend into my sinuses and I can't breathe. 

But when this is gone, I will run again, and I will be so excited!  Maybe it will be only one mile because I'm so out of shape but thinking about it makes me so happy.

Because I couldn't actually run on National Running Day, I made future plans to run.  Race registrations were put on sale which NEVER happens and races aren't cheap.  I bought a registration to a Rock n' Roll half and a woman's half, each costing only $65 and those are huge races that are usually expensive.  I spent over $100 on my woman's half last year.  I'm already adding up how many trips to Sweet Tomatoes I can enjoy with the money I saved. 

Race Calender...

July 4th:  Lutz 5k<--A wonderfully sweaty good time in my hometown
November 24th: Women's Half <---the best restrooms I've ever seen at a race, yay girls!
December 14th: Hillsborough River Trail Half <---my favorite race of the year
February 9th: Rock n' Roll St. Pete Half <---never done a Rock n' Roll so I feel fancy now
March 16th: Citrus Trail Marathon<---- kill me, I am not ready to talk about it.
Aprilish: <----another trail run that my Dad and I did this fun

 Daily Juice:
Normally our juices are bright colors and look delicious.....but because I just can't seem to kick this cold (two weeks! Woof.) I've been adding tons of kale which turns it brown or black when mixed with the beets.  Mmmm.  Looks really tasty.

Whole bunch of kale, small grapefruit, half a beet, two Gala apples

Deep red juice...with pea green foam.  In addition to amazing juice photography, I should write about menu items too.  I made that sound so tasty. 

We are staying on track with eating at home....last night was grilled veggies and rice.  I could eat this every single day of my life.  I chopped up some garlic and onion and made a paste of it to spread in the portabellos before grilling.  Oui, so good.  I ate so many vegetables last night I told Matt my stitches on my stomach felt like they were going to burst.  Vegan fail. 

The best way to eat asparagus is to grill it.  Well, the best way to eat any vegetable is to grill it.  It is so tasty.  And there is no recipe which is the greatest recipe there is. 

And one of Matt's gifts to me for our 5 year anniversary was a desk, and it is finally here!  We need some cord hiding to happen but I love it.  Simple and small enough to force me to corral my crazy. 

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