Monday, July 29, 2013

Tacos, beer, and chocolate make me so happy.

Slooooooow weekend.  Started out with a trip to Taco Bus.  It was supposed to be date night but we both wanted tacos.  Very romantic.

The romance continued with running some errands before Cigar City Brewery.  I really wanted a chocolate bar but didn't want a whole bar and I didn't want a bar that cost $3.

Sidenote: I would eat a whole bar if I bought a whole bar but guess who hasn't done any exercising since the beginning of July, this girl.

So I grabbed two of the little chocolates at the check out.  Holla. 



Portion control?

They were so tiny!

  Except those decadent morsels were $1.25 each.  Um, I have no appreciation for good chocolate.  My favorite kind is from Ikea.

I do have appreciation for good beer.

From left to right.... Acai/mango pale ale, Papaya pale ale, Sword Fight IPA, Chocolate raspberry lager

Winner was the Sword Fight.  So good.

Nothing says Saturday like some puppy cuddling under clean sheets.

Saturday also means whipping our yard into shape.  Both Matt and I could too happily live in a house that looks as if it were housing a meth lab.  I cry for my herb garden that although, gets good soil, sunlight, and water, struggles to provide for our insatiable need for fresh cilantro but weeds spring up so abundantly with absolute indifference.  Don't they know about my black thumb? Woof.  And I don't know if anyone can remember Saturday in Tampa, but it was the most perfectly cloudless and hot day we've had.  Two hours latter though, I was practically drowning in pride for how fabulous our yard looked.  And by practically swimming in pride, I was practically exhausted.

Our church had a "The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe" reading that evening, which was really fun.  When we first got the invite I dreamt of four hours sitting on our churches' wooden pews and that sounded terrible.  But we brought our pillows and it was such a fun time.  Everyone brought something to share and I brought curry because I'm 80% sure CS Lewis is British and that is practically their national food.  It was awesome, I just got lost in Narnia for three and a half hours eating good food and crunching on lollipops.

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