Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A hot mess.

#1.  It's hot.  #2.  I'm a mess.  Or my house is.  Or both.  Definitely both.

Somehow the dishes that are sitting in the sink have this unreal ability to sit there dirty and dance around my head all day stressing me out to the point where rinsing them and putting them in the dishwasher seems like too much effort.  Because a dishwasher (a machine that washes dishes for you) is too much effort.  I'm done for.

How does a dirty plate have so much power over my attitude? 

 I got the brilliant whim to change our dog's room into my office and it had to be done immediately (it didn't though, I'm just a crazy person) which entailed moving out a desk that was too big and removing all of the room's things, which are now strewn across our living room.  It makes for a lovely "welcome home".  I'm leaving tomorrow to see Matt so in addition to cleaning the house/bathroom/guest room/dog for a sweet friend that is taking care of Luke at our house while we are gone, I've got to sort through this office stuff and get it gone.  I'm speaking at a youth event tonight to talk about the Gasparilla and need to prepare my speech and table and can't think of anything to say that will ever make me cool enough to a middle schooler.  Ever feel like you are unraveling? 

And in this distress, in this moment of not wanting to do anything because what I have to get done seems so monumental, I see the blessing of God.  How incredible life is that I couldn't see how precious life was until life seemed so overwhelming

Dishes to wash because we have food to eat, an office to design because a new job has me working from home, a dog to bathe because he loves running with me, a house to clean because I get to join Matt for bit in a city I love and a presentation to prepare because I'm talking Jesus and my favorite sport.

I have so many friends that are mothers and who probably look at this list of things stringing me out this morning and laugh till they pee.  I'm sure they would love to only have those things to worry about.  A child needs to be bathed every night, I bathe my dog once a month (on a good month) and it still stresses me out. 

You know what doesn't stress me out?  Fresh vegetables.  I love them.  I dream of Sweet Tomatoes and the endless supply of them all cut up and ready to eat.  Effortless vegetables.  My amazing co workers know this and in addition to supplying Matt with homemade beef jerky, they bring me vegetables fresh from their gardens.  Organic, hand picked, local, blah blah blah, every buzz word in the book, they are amazing.  I don't care how much they make fun of me for not eating meat, if I am known as the girl who you can give your garden's surplus to, so be it.  Today I got these...the last of his peppers.  Habaneros, jalapenos, Thai, Serranos, even some surprises he said were "hybrids"....I don't know, all I heard  was something about those being hot and I was smitten.  Spicy food is my jam.  I can't wait.  Maybe they will melt the tension in my back.

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