Thursday, January 17, 2013

Oh yeah, New York City.

You're mercies are new every morning.  Thank you Jesus, because I'm sure if mercy didn't renew itself you'd be fresh out of handing me anymore. 

I leave to meet up with Matt this afternoon in NYC.  He is going to be gone for pretty much all of February for radio promotion and all of March for tour so this little vacation was the last time we could get away for a while.  To make this trip a little sweeter, while we've been in the city together before during tours, this is the first time we'll actually get to spend time together in the city.  In past trips, I've made plans with girlfriends to shop, eat, and hang out while Matt works (Atlantic's corporate office is in NYC).  This time we have plans to walk around Central Park holding hands, eat lots of our favorite Indian food, visit the Highline, go to Brooklyn and tour the brewery, and soak in some New York state of mind.

On days I know I'll be traveling I love to start out the day with a long run.  Sitting for hours in a cramped plane is the worst and I get really antsy knowing all I did all day was sit.  For more info on the terrifying nature of sitting, go here.  It's terrible. 

On days I am traveling and working, it is difficult to fit in a run and dangerous considering I'd have to wake up at 4am to get out there with enough time.  Since wearing fluorescent colors isn't my thing, I made arrangements to get to work an hour later so I'd have time to run Luke while the sun was out & shower.  So glad I did because I feel better, I have more energy, and my sweet pup loved it.  I did forgo my usual black workout gear for some pretty sweet hot pink shorts from high school.  Vogue is my middle name. 

I usually have oatmeal every single morning of my life but I ran out of cinnamon a couple days ago and can't eat oatmeal without it.  A smoothie sounded good but I didn't have kale so instead of going to Publix for some cinnamon (I'm dumb) I went for kale.  If you saw a girl in her PJs with wet hair wandering Publix at 7:30am with a giant bag of kale, just me.  Totally normal Friday morning kale run.  So good.  So easy's my super non-confusing recipe.  Lots of kale, one banana, lots of ice, a little less than "lots" of water, a little less than a whole pack of stevia.  Blend.  Flying on planes is kind of gross so hopefully this will give my immune system a boost and keep my blood flowing.

Any necessary stops or restaurants we must try while in the city? 

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