Saturday, January 26, 2013

Beach in January

Matt and I read by the beach yesterday morning and by that I mean, he read "A Brief History of Time" by Stephen Hawking and I listened to my book on tape. Not only does it make me feel dumb to hear him thinking and processing his book, I'm sure it makes me look dumb to not even be reading, just listening to mine.

(note: after I posted this Matt mentioned to me to not post any pictures from your beach chair of the water.  Every girl does that.  Haha.  I guess every girl does.)

The wedding was awesome, the couple's friends are really great too which made attending the destination wedding of someone we'd just met not awkward. Matt played the first dance song and did a great job.


(note: I went with long black racerback maxi with small black clutch, thanks Facebook!)

It was a little rainy this morning but the sun is already coming out so I've got to start applying my SPF 3000 if I want to go to the beach. I can't wait to go home tomorrow to snuggle my Luke, we miss him so much. Also, the food here is so so and I miss making my own stuff. The salad bar is great and the fresh fruit is amazing though. I'm going to miss having fresh mangos, passion fruit, pineapples, and papaya ready to eat everywhere.

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