Monday, February 18, 2013

Monday Funday


Mondays that are holidays are the best.  I got to try the Dri Fit long sleeve run shirt from Old Navy on my run (two days in a row, different colors) because the weather was finally cold.  PROOF.


 They were awesome. Mine looks like this...

I wore one a lot in Colorado but didn't sweat that much because skiing actually isn't that exhausting when you are slow. I probably burned more calories running back and forth from the hot tub. So I couldn't vouch for its sweat wicking ability until I ran in it, and I sweat A LOT when I run. And it wicked that sweat right off.  PROOF.

Because I have the morning off, I'm going run stairs at my office building downtown. If I'm never heard from again you'll find my body crumpled on floor 43. My parent's house has stairs and I feel like it's a great workout. Moms don't really appreciate you running up and down their stairs though so I'll keep my stair running elsewhere. 

Luke is my stable running buddy but this morning he was unusually slow and seemed to be limping so I ran him back after about a mile. I only cried a little bit while I laid hands on him praying that his little body be healed. I thought I may have channeled Tammy Faye Baker a little but the joke is on me because I wasn't wearing mascara. Once Luke was in our yard he darted after a squirrel and looked fine so maybe he was just trying to get out of spending time with me? That is too bad because no one loves him like me. 

I got crafty around 9pm last night and turned my millions of paint chips into art for my new office. I'm going to call it "Girl on Fire" because I like Alicia Keys and the Hunger Games.   Then I'm going to pin this with a tutorial and sucker a lot of people into reading the instructions:

 "cut up paint strips and tape onto paper."

I also painted the base to our new conference table for the FCA office.  After so much hard work being crafty, I feel like it's time for espresso.  In a birthday mug.  Happy Monday!  Pray for me, I'm working at Robinson High School this afternoon! 

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