Monday, August 5, 2013

Always have something to celebrate.

Today is Matt's Birthday!  The celebrating actually started last week and has not stopped.

We hosted a cocktail night on Friday and it was so successful.  It was a "classics" theme with each guest creating a cocktail that is probably on many menus but not flashy or trendy, just right.  I hadn't tried many of them so I was really excited.

Samples of The Manhattan...

Sangria....Google-ed a recipe from the liquor store.....merlot/ginger ale/pineapple juice/fruit.  Easy.

The classy ladies, and truly incredible friends.

Cocktail menu...

Saturday we drove to Dunnellon and KP Hole State Park for the access point to Rainbow River.  We learned they only allow reusable containers so all of our granola bars and water bottles needed to be transferred.  Wal-mart may be my least favorite place in all of existence but it was pretty fun with your best friends.

Hula hooping may have happened.  Someone was really terrible at it.

Rainbow River was beautiful.  You rent (or buy a tube at Walmart) and float the river until the end where there is a shuttle service to take you back to get your car.  Also, primo people watching. I can't wait to go next summer.
image from

You start out saying...

 "I can't believe we are stuck together for four hours, this water is ridiculous, I'm freezing"

which moves into...

"You've got to be kidding me, this is literally the hottest I've ever been, everyone around us is annoying"

however, this somehow becomes...

 "this is so great, I love this! This is my new favorite thing to do in Florida!"

and after about three hours...

"how is it humanly possible that it hasn't been four hours"

  and unfortunately...

 "I can't believe time with you guys feels like eternity, stop farting please"

and then  you get home and maybe say...

 "today was such a good day, I can't wait until next summer".  

Even though we were so incredibly tired from being on the river all day (literally, all day) we rallied and made it to Wazoo, a really sweet beer festival about a mile from our house at Lowry Park Zoo.  We almost walked until it started to rain.  We should have walked.  It was a great event. 

While most tables were smaller craft breweries and a sprinkling of larger companies that just make good beer, the lonliest table of the evening was the Budwieser set up.  That my friends, is a Lime-A-Rita tallboy.  Holy mackerel.

*full disclosure, I didn't have any, why waste calories on that when there were SOOOOO many breweries represented, honestly I couldn't think of one brewery that didn't have a table

As if we both couldn't have just got home from church and slept until Monday morning, we had tickets to the Goo Goo Dolls /Matchbox 20 show at the amphitheater.

 It was SWAMPY. 

Seriously, the hottest evening of the summer yet (I think I say that on every "hottest" day).  A great show and we could pretty much sing along to every song played. 

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