Saturday, March 2, 2013

Whole Foods got more awesome.

I have a sick friend.  My sick friend has a very forgetful friend in me because I promised her I'd take her some "get well" necessities and then I forgot to bring them on my way to her house.  Womp womp.  Today is a new day.

Conveniently enough, Whole Foods is right next to.....what do you know?  A Sweet Tomatoes!  I found out later that yesterday was their 35th anniversary, so I'm glad I got to celebrate with my mistress. 

At Whole Foods I noticed they have a bar now.  You can drink beer/wine... while shopping.  That is so dangerous.  I already lose track of time/my bank account/my cart while I'm there.....if I had a Cigar City freshly tapped pint in my hand while I shopped?  I'd be so poor.  But rich in experience. 

Oh hey Tampa!  Welcome to the world of AMAZING.

I got a text my  super special amazing friend earlier in the day asking if I wanted to have a puppy date.  Her dog is kinda of Luke's best friend/love of his life and I knew he'd hate me forever if I declined.  My friend and her husband are also the most incredible cooks I know and declared it a "veggie palooza" aka the commonly referred to meal of only vegetables.  Make my dog happy and will cook for me?  Crown me queen for the day.

Who would miss meat after an amazing meal like this?  Grilled corn, cauliflower risotto with peppers and mushrooms, roasted potatoes with whiskey dipping sauce, and baked sweet onions.

Nutrient dense food that won't leave you feeling guilty is the spirit of veggie palooza. 


While we (ha, I include myself in the prep but basically, I just sat there) were preparing the amazing meal, her husband showed me a bag of homemade gnocchi he'd made that week.  I mean, come on.  Who does that?  I generally try not to be rude but I was.  I wanted to try one so I made him boil one pot of water for my one gnocchi.  I'm glad I have no manners because it was goooooood. 

It's called portion control people. 

Did I mention Luke's lover weighs about 3 pounds and spends all night running from him?  Oh that.  He plays hard to get.  Friends for life. 

"Ain't no mountain high get away from Luuuuuuuuuuuuuke"-Cooper
This morning I have some incredibly audacious plans that any smart person would call plain stupid.  I got the idea in my head last night and it's going to happen, or at least I'm going to try.  I needed some "racing fuel" (oatmeal sounds boring) to get started though so the plan doesn't fail before it starts.

I always give Luke my bowl to lick.  It serves two puposes.  Oatmeal is a wreck to get off the bowl and he loves it.  Too bad he's allergic to oats.  Let's just say "mother of the year" went to someone else this year.

yum yum yum.  He loves poison.

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