Friday, January 25, 2013

I am so pale.

But not as pale as A LOT of people here. So if I'm going to follow around and pose for pictures with all of my new Irish friends.

Punta Cana is gorgeous and we are having a great time so far. Last night we went to see the couple getting married today at a little cocktail hour and Matt followed me to a restaurant and watched me eat the most enormous salad I've ever had.

I went on a great run this morning just exploring the resort. Because we aren't fancy and never stay places like this I am constantly in awe of the whole place. One of the coolest things is that every path is lined with incense. And not the patchouli incense of my middle school/ cargo pants days but the most delicious smell burns from them. Scented sidewalks seems like something from the Capital. Or I could just be pretending I'm Jennifer Lawrence again. Blast.

After my run, I did some yoga....I could take this walk to the gym forever. 

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