Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Kill em' with curry.

I had a training I needed to get done yesterday so I told Matt I'd make him red lentil curry if he got the car's oil changed, pick up air filters, and go grocery shopping, basically the bottom of the list chores that are no fun and pass off-able.  Matt took the bait for one of the best things I make.  I'm glad he likes it because I make it a lot and it's super easy.  Think, so good, you might get your car's oil changed, and go to Home Depot for air filters, and go to Publix for a kale run good. 

I'm terrible at recipes and don't really use them so you can imagine I'm a really amazing baker.  Psyche.  Ha.  I just laughed as I typed that.

Super Easy Red Lentil Curry.

Smash/Chop like 15 cloves of garlic.  Is that crazy?
Slice 3 green Thai chili peppers.  Is that crazy?
About a cup and a half of dried red lentils.
Red Curry paste
Coconut milk

Yup, I got an oil change out of 5 ingredients and if you are a curry addict like me, you keep your pantry stocked with lentils, curry paste (I buy it in bulk in red and green), and coconut milk. 

Saute the garlic and chilies on medium heat for about 1 minute.  When they looked like they were sticking I splashed them with water.  Pour the lentils into the pan and almost cover with water.  Some lentils should still be visible out of the water.  Put 2-3 tablespoons of curry paste into the pot and turn up the heat to medium high and keep stirring while it bubbles.  It will thicken and when it does, turn down the heat to low and add the can of coconut milk.  Depending on your lentil/water ratio it could be too watery, if so keep the heat and boil off the liquid while stirring so the lentils don't burn.  If it looks too dry, add some more water.  You want it to be the consistency of a thick stew after about 20 minutes.  The lentils cook in about 20-25 minutes.  I don't salt our food but you'll probably want to if that's yo thang.

Right after adding water...

Ready to go!

This is a super healthy and cheap meal that is packed with protein and fiber.  Think of all of the vitamin C from that garlic to boot.  Probably not the most romantic meal considering the garlic and the lentils so maybe this isn't a great meal to make on a first date.... or third, fourth, or fifth.  You might need for him to put a ring on it before you make this.  Lentils do strange things to the human body. 

If you were looking for tips on how to keep the romance alive, you've come to the wrong place.  They are so good though.  I buy mine at Whole Foods for about $2/pound on sale and they are about as cheap as other places.
I bet you are wondering how I scored such an amazing husband that would do the bummer errands for me.  Well don't be because he really let me down.  I gave him a list of the places to go and the things to get.    

Oil Change:  CHECK

Air Filters: CHECK

Cereal: CHECK

Milks: CHECK

Toilet Paper: CHECK


Romance tip:  if your wife is having a love affair with kale, make sure she has an adequate supply. 

Granted, if said love affair was in full swing, she'd have enough energy to get her butt up and get it herself.  Or run there because kale has this incredible effect on the consumer of supplying vast amounts of energy.  All I can deduct from Matt's omission of something this important is he is jealous of my deep rooted love for the dark greens.  Rude.

If you make the curry, let me know if it was good.  If my "recipe" was wrong or disastrous you can tell me that too.  If you want me to cry. 



  1. You're awesome Rachel! Hilarious! This recipe sounds amazing, I will have to try!

    1. S- YOU are awesome.....I've been meaning to put up that pumpkin curry I made for our bon fire.

    2. That would be Ahhmazing! :)