Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Marriage restored.

Yes, yes, and yes.  I brought home this beautiful bounty of kale yesterday with a great big smile on my face.  Love love love.  And how much was that giant bale?  $3.99.  Shop local.  Or grow your own, that would make you really groovy.  

I chopped up some sweet potato, zucchini, onion, garlic, and kale for veggie bowls last night.  If anyone is into turnips (I'm on the fence, they can have that wasabi sensation in my nose if I don't cook them all the way and that makes me want to die), I had some left over from last week's grocery run and sliced them thick for the grill.  I left them on the grill (on high heat, for about 15 minutes) while the other veggies cooked on the stove and they were delicious.  Almost like potatoes that have been grilled but with less calories, more flavor, more filling, and better texture.  So good, I may be a turnip convert.  And nothing is wrong with potatoes, they are the peanuts to my jelly, and oh so good fried to blissful perfection.  But if I ate a french fry everytime I wanted one, my runs would need to be 6 hours long on the daily.  Suprising though how much Vitamin C a potato has, check it out below.  French fries over Emergen-C?  Done.



At the market I shop at, I saw these beauties.  I vaguely remember "fresh garbanzos" being an ingredient on Top Chef at some point and the contestants being stoked about them but that was years ago.  I didn't know it was something that un-prentious Padma wannabes like me could have on their grocery list.  After searching the Internet for how to cook them, I found they are apparently the "new edamamme".  You can steam and salt them and pluck them out from the shell.  I'm excited.  Pinterest had some fun things to use them for too.  And Pinterest never lets anyone down, ahhemm...Pinstrosity

Yesterday I had a meeting with the FCA club at Tampa Prep.  It was awesome and I've never been more excited to start working with the organization.  The meeting was completely student led; they prepared some games, they prayed, they prepared the lesson and read scripture, and succeeded in blowing me away.  I was such a crummy example of Christ in high school.  Seeing these kids interact with one another, kids from different groups, with no excluding anyone was inspiring.  I am starting a bible study with the girls that will take place before school. 

Hopefully the bible study will take place on their track so I can roll around on it and kiss it.  It was amazing.  I know it's a private school with more resources than a public school, but oui vey, it was incredible.  A blogger I love, Meals and Miles, wrote yesterday about speed work on a track and how there really isn't one in Tampa that the public can use.  It's true!  It is danagerous running sprints on the sidewalks and I feel like every person I pass that sees me speeding by and then slowing down at the end of the sidewalk thinks I just speed up so I look like a great runner as I pass them.  I need a track!  Maybe I can dress in cute track gear and pass myself off as a high school track star to be able to run on theirs.  I think the "rolling around kissing the lanes" might give me away though.  Or the fact that I'm 28 and administrators aren't as dumb in real life as they were in "Never Been Kissed". 

My FCA staff page is up so if you want to read what it's about and see a picture of me looking goofy and Matt looking foxy you should go here.  You can also sign up to be a partner with me which would be soooooo great!  I'm a terrible fundraiser and hate asking for money but I really want to be able to sponsor some of these kids to go to leadership camp on top of my own funding.  The camp is closer to home this year so it's a bit cheaper than in past years but it is still $300/kid and having that taken care of really helps some students that have incredible leadership potential but not the funding to get to camp.  We try to chose underclassmen so that they can go back to school after camp on fire and ready to lead their clubs.  If you want to make me run for the money go here and donate for my Gasparilla race....20K for FCA.  Or you could run with me and raise money for FCA on your own.  We can sweat together, repeating "it's for the kids" as a mantra as we run like crazy people in Tampa's glorious 90 degree February weather.  Aren't I a great marketing guru?  I makes things sound so awesome.  Sterling Cooper, watch out.


  1. Hi Rachel - since my big surgery at the end of June 2012 - my eating habits have totally changed since I can not have raw fruits or veggies. I'm going to try your juices. If you are interested in the surgery I had go to
    I'm feeling ok - just on the road to recovery which can take up to a year. I do have good & bad days & that is to be expected. I'll let you know how I like the juices.
    God Bless,
    Helen Mathis :0)

    1. Helen- I've spent the last hour reading about Ulcerative Colitis (which is I think what you must have had for the surgery?). God bless you, it all sounds so hard, and you are always smiling anyway. I found this website ( different fruit and veggie profiles that would be good to juice. I'm not a doctor but I would think if you couldn't digest raw fruit/veggies, juice would be an excellent way to get those nutrients. Surprisingly, your surgery seems to be new and there wasn't much of a precedent for juicing and how it the body reacts to it. -Rach