Monday, January 14, 2013

Super Sunday

I had an amazing weekend, I love football, and my dog is growing up. 

Ever play "two lies and a truth"? 

I had the best Sunday ever.  Super busy and I'm pretty sure I was in bed by 8:59pm and asleep by 9pm but it was worth it.  I went to Terrace Palms Community Church to talk about FCA, how to get involved in the Gasparilla Classic, and raising money for the organization.  I spoke too fast as usual and didn't give enough information sooooooo.... if you were there, the website to sign up is  .  If you don't want to run and still want to donate to FCA you can do that on my run site which is  I have a special place in my heart for this little church and it was amazing to see old friends and chat with everyone.  So many hugs and smiles and I left with a full heart. 

 I did the same chat at Watermark with some other ladies the week before and we had tossed out the idea of a Watermark running group.  Last night was the first group meet up and many of the people that signed up were sick or out of town so I wasn't sure if anyone was going to show up.  After waiting about five minutes alone.....I had a super fun group of three dudes show up ready to run.  They were the awesome-est.  They were all really competitive which made their first run in a long time really fun.  It was fun for me at least because I got to show off all of my Jillian Michaels "encouraging" words along the way.  I'm pretty sure my voice will be the only noise they never want to hear again.  I can't believe I didn't get a group shot of all of us, but I'm so proud of them, they did great.  We ran three miles and kept a steady pace the entire run.  They definitely made it worth running in Tampa's terrible January heat. was 85 degrees which is equivalent to 1000 degrees when you are running.  Now that I've made this special time with me sound incredible, I want people to come!  This is open to anyone and every level is welcome to join up.  We start at 4pm from Bayshore Blvd.

Also, you get to stay for this.... 

There is a free yoga class in Downtown Tampa at Curtis Hixon Park on Sunday evenings at 5pm.  You only need to bring a mat or a towel and it is the loveliest way to spend an evening outside.  I figured that because I'm a terrible stretcher post runs I'd hit up the class right after running (the dudes split, they laughed when I asked them about joining me but one day they will cave).  Turns out, starting yoga off sweaty and smelly and out of breath is the worst.  Give yourself some time to relax before starting, your fellow yogis will thank you.  Not only is the class the bees knees, you get to look at this while you are practicing.....

Certainly, running in Florida's heat kills the spirit, but being outdoors in a tank top and shorts in January while watching the most beautiful sunset makes it a little bit worth it.  Namaste.