Saturday, January 12, 2013

Sushi failure.

Juice cleanse day one is in the books!  As the day I didn't drink just juice!  Womp womp.

 This happened.

And maybe this.

 *Vanity note.  That isn't my hand.  Matt was stealing the wasabi.  That's okay because nightmares of made from wasabi.  Blegh.

The cleanse did not start right though. I woke up and didn't feel like making juice with what I had in the fridge so I gave myself a pep talk on how coffee was going to get me through my morning and I'd get some fruit and vegetables after lunch on my way home.  Man up Rachel.  I'm a nutritional genius for sure.  Not.  Turns out "man up" is not sound nutrition advice in the healthy living community.
 I was busy at work and didn't realize I was hungry until I left which was good.  On my way home, which ended up being around 2pm, not lunch time as I'd envisioned, I stopped by our vegetable market to pick up my juicing stuff and by this point I just wanted to eat everything.  Like from a hunger zero to"give me all the bacon and eggs you have".  I arrived home with coconut wafers and peanut butter mochi.  Don't know what those are?  Neither do I.  Buying junk food is weird when you shop at an Asian market, instead of Doritos and Oreos you get wafers and mochi.  Cue the violins because it gets worse.  After getting home and whining to Matt about how he wasn't nice enough to me when I walked in the door (true story, model wife) I spread out everything I wanted in the juicer and it was delicious.  And I was nice after that.

 Day 1 Green Juice
Three stalks of washed kale
one stalk of celery
one bosc pear
one gala apple*
 *(normally I use Granny Smith for green juices but Matt HATES them)

My dinner juice didn't happen because Matt and I met up with some super awesome buds for sushi and  I tried to keep it clean which is easy at most sushi bars.  I'm not really into sushi......turns out raw fish is pretty lame when you don't eat fish.  I just got a cucumber roll and a little nugget of shiitake nigiri.  Yummmmmm.  Not really.  It was a cucumber and rice.  Kind of pointless now that I type that out.  I'll never get those three dollars back.  #cheapdate

What was not pointless was Southern Brewing for game playin' and wine drinkin'.  If you are from Tampa, go now.  There was a food truck outside, they make over half of the beers on tap onsite and have a huge wine list to boot.  I had wine instead of beer because I rationalized it was like juice.  And we played Citadels because we are nerds and bring our nerdery everywhere.  Who stays up late at a bar playing strategy games?  This crew.  Why aren't we more popular?

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