Saturday, February 23, 2013

Don't drink the water. Ooops.

It's race day! Luke and I had a nice slow jog through the neighborhood last night which was refreshing.  It was breezy out and cool and helped with the pre-race jitters.  I am so excited.  Thank you to my sweet friends that sponsored this race and the incredible support I've gotten.  I can barely contain how much love I have for you all.

The expo was fun and I bought some Nuun hydration drink to bring with me on the course because it is going to be so HOT.  Like unbearable.  I've only run the Gasparilla once before and it was the hottest race ever.  Tomorrow is supposed to be hotter than last year so yeah, blech.  Hey Tampa, let's move this party to January, yeah?  Like it would have mattered this year though, I remember some days in January that hit the high 80s.  Southern Living.

I have a very strict race day schedule that includes waking up at the crack of dawn to make sure my breakfast digests before the start.  Oatmeal with a banana and cinnamon is my go to.  Paired with a cup of coffee it's always been the perfect pre run meal for me.  Every single race I've had the same thing and it has never let me down. Or come back up.

I tried to get the top to look like a heart.  Nailed it!

If anything does come back up its because I drank a lot of tap water before hearing of the boil order for Tampa's water supply. I drank a lot.  Oh and then after sleeping for 4 hours after finding out I preceeded to make breakfast with it.  Whoops.  I searched everywhere to see what it could have been contaminated with but couldn't find anything.  So I'm pretty sure it's probably sewage.  

Happy Margarita Day!

I did ring in five o clock with a freshly squeezed orange margarita. I left on the skin when juicing for some extra vitamin C. It has a very strong flavor and not for everyone but I'm down. It also made me feel better about the tequila. Not great the night before a race, but who am I to protest a holiday?

It did make it easier to get through the three ton load of laundry that had been growing for weeks. Matt does our laundry so when he's doesn't get done. It is my least favorite chore. So now that's out there.

But it was nice to have clean running clothes to completely drench in sweat tomorrow. Another pre race habit, lay out race stuff! Safety pins, socks, bibs, bras, head phones and water bottles all tend to spread out in the house so it's much easier to corral that stuff together so no worries about leaving your lucky socks in the dryer and missing that PR by two seconds because you weren't wearing them.  Trust me, the socks you are wearing make all the difference. *

*they don't

Happy Race Day! 

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