Monday, February 25, 2013

Gasparilla re-cap and I love you.

Race day was great.  There is just something about sleeping terribly before a race that makes it special- I need tips on pre-race day sleeping, I just can't even wrap my brain around it- file that under a lot of other things (quantum physics, calorie free french fries, a world without Sweet Tomatoes....the list goes on and on...).

I'm so thankful for my Team FCA teammates and sponsors.  You all rock my toe socks off.  I'm so blessed with amazing friends, old and new, who took time this year to train, donate, pray, and read about this organization.  I can't even express how incredible you all are.

It doesn't look like I love them but I loved them enough to distance my "just ran 9 miles funk" a bit.

It was so hot on Saturday, for those of you who donated to my race, please be content in knowing I definitely got my sweat on for those dollars.  I raised over $400 for FCA and you should know I kept repeating "people paid money for you to finish this" over and over throughout the race.  It was tough, I've never run in temps that hot and it was brutal.  I'm a total running wimp when it comes to heat.  You'll see me running in the gym and spinning around the end of March when running outside in Tampa gets swampy.  At the end of the 5K there were volunteers handing out bags to throw up in, it was that miserable.  Thankfully the sun wasn't out and it was cloudy, otherwise I may have taped my bib to another runner to kill it for me.

From the starting line......

A morning run with 5,000,000 of your friends.

Camille and Rachel C. 

Meet Camille, my office mate and all around amazing person.
Camille: "Make a strong arm" Rachel: "I don't know what a strong arm is and I don't have one"
Camille and Tiffany before the race and I hadn't finished changing into my shirt.  Gross.
I've known Rachel for 13 years.  That's crazy.  If she wouldn't kill me for it, I'd post her finish line picture.  It's amazing.

Last year I ran just the 15K and I don't remember it being as crowded as this year, but it was packed.  It took about 5 minutes after the start to actually cross the starting line, there were so many people running.  For the first 4-5 miles, there was hardly any room to move and control my pace- it was a lot of stop and go and lots of being cut off which wasn't very fun.  I think there is something to be said for getting there early for a spot closer to the front.

So many of our runners for FCA were running their first 5K and I'm so proud of them for showing up, raising money for us, and giving their all.  It brought tears to my eyes to see them running on the course and doing something they didn't think they'd ever be able to do.  If you've never run before I challenge you to complete a 5K.  From children to the elderly, they were all represented.  I saw some pregnant women running which is unreal.  I don't like running with my car keys because it hurts my arm with extra weight.  I can't imagine a baby.

My next race is a trail race at Hillsborough State park if anyone else wants to join in.  It's April 13th and a 10K but the entry fee is less than what I spend on lunch downtown and it's through the woods so it's cool and a really small race with awesome people.  I did it last year.  If anyone is up for it, let me know.  The sign up is here.....

Saturday was an all around awesome day because Matt and his drummer, Nate, got to come home (home for Matt, not for Nate) for the weekend to preform at a festival in Downtown Orlando so I got to pick them up from the airport.

My second home.

We went straight to pick up our new van and Matt and Nate agreed to fulfill my cravings for Sweet Tomatoes which was nice.  Big high five to me for showing Nate the "best of" Tampa's local culinary scene.

The show downtown was great.  I don't know if this is a monthly thing but I wish Tampa would pull off something like this.  Andy Grammar and All American Rejects also played, there were tons of local restaurants, a brewery, and wineries to sample from.  It was awesome. 

It was overcast so the heat wasn't unbearable but it was fun watching Matt perform songs from the new album.  Free food, beer, and wine wasn't that bad either.  We also got to see our Orlando friends and attempt to convince them to move in next door to us so we can be neighbors.  Friends for life.

We did get to Taco Bus so Nate got to experience at least one local gem.

 He doesn't look like he is enjoying it but he knows he did.  He's from California so taking him out for Mexican was a bit of a gamble but he wasn't too pretentious about it.  He only brought up San Diego shrimp tacos once.  We'll forgive him.  And he didn't judge me for downing one bottle of Taco Bus hot sauce.


  1. I saw your times in the Tribune...not too shabby. Good job, Rachel.

    1. Thanks Barb!! I ran it a lot slower than last year but I'm going to blame the weather and crowds for slowing me down:) Anything but my athletic ability.

  2. Yaaay Gasparilla and congratulations!! Sounds like you and your team rocked it out!! I love and hate the fact that the start times are so early for Gasparilla - I love the fact that you are done before 8am but hate it around 4:30am... :( I wish I had some good sleeping tips. Clear your mind? Funny I say that as it is 4:30am and I'm wide awake because I couldn't shut my brain off. Happy Wednesday! :)

    1. Thanks! I know what you mean, I'm all about starting early for cooler weather but getting up at 4am is getting a little crazy for a race(or on any day, especially for a Wednesday crazy girl!).