Tuesday, February 19, 2013

So sore and so sore and teachers are amazing.

I ran four miles yesterday morning and I wish I'd just run four more because it would have been easier to run 10 more miles than these suckers. 

Ow. Ow. Ow.  1,440 steps, and 80 flights. 

The whole work out took about half an hour and I was sweaty.  No proof.  It was ugly. 

However, it still wasn't as hard as the stair climber at the gym.  That is just torture.  I have to set myself up to succeed with 5 minutes goals while on that thing. 

In 5 minutes I will walk to get some water. 
5 more minutes and I'll stretch my calves. 
5 more minutes and I will change my music. 
5 more minutes and I'll go dump out the bucket of sweat that is accumulating below me and curl up in a ball in the locker room. 

To make matters worse, the stair climber in my gym is the ONLY MACHINE facing away from the TV.  How am I supposed to take in my daily intake of talking heads (my gym is also in an office building Downtown and it seems like the only TV my co-work-out-ers watch is financial news, boooooring).  The ellipticals have their own TVs which is nice but I am not good at the elliptical if that is even possible (it is).  I'm amazed at people who love it.  They look like gazelles. 

I got to meet the track coach/ FCA sponsor at Robinson yesterday who was awesome.  Seriously, I've yet to meet one teacher that isn't severely, passionately, pumped for their students and athletes.  I love it.  Every teacher I've met has been so polar opposite of the way teachers are portrayed in the media, by way of TV and movies and even whom the news chooses to display (crazies who just want more money and less accountability <- not that they get enough money).  They have such a great rapport(Thanks for my sweet teacher super smart friend, Kara, for helping a girl out with her spelling) with their students and I have seen such an incredible amount of respect from the kids.  So refreshing.   Go love on a teacher today. 


  1. Thanks, Rachel! Teaching rocks!

    Btw, it's rapport!

    1. I knew a teacher would know! I think I've even looked that up before but forgot. Thanks K!