Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Share the love, and a GIVEAWAY!!

Thanks to everyone who told a friend about Matt's Forever EP, shared the link on Facebook, tweeted about it, and texted me to tell me how much they loved it.  I am a lucky girl with very incredible friends. 

So, it is kind of a joke how mean people are online (It's not a joke but laughing and being able to not take it seriously is a great coping mechanism).  YouTube comments are especially terrible (go read some for "Friday" by Rebecca Black, it's ugly, come on world, she's 13 years old) and "Songs of the Week" on Itunes usually get really poor ratings because it's free and anyone can download it even if the only music they like are Disney soundtracks.  <---nothing wrong with that. 

For example, everyone knows I have impeccable taste in music.  My favorite song at this moment is "Halo" by Beyonce and yes, I realize this song is like 3 years old but don't care.  I run with it on repeat.  This is a review on Itunes.....

"Suckish and stupid"....come on Dark and Scary6... this is the Queen B you are talking to, people are just mean sometimes.  So I told Matt not to read the comments on his song of the week.  But he did.   Some were mean, and some were funny.  See below. 

Hahahahahahahah.....way to rate what you love. 

Thanks for one star Mr. Christian!

This would bum anyone out, and that couldn't happen, not on National EP Release Day.  So upon checking Twitter, I saw that my friend Mary <---running rockstar speedy mc speedyson, posted the most perfect picture for a pick me up.  A puppy.  You don't need anything else.  So I sent it to Matt to make him feel better about his music not being "Christian music". 

I mean, come on.  You are happier now than you were ten seconds ago.  Other peoples puppies are the BEST. 

And I have very exciting news!  I wrote about a very amazing razor last week called the Schick Hydro 5.  I was not paid to talk about that razor, I just love it and thought I'd spread the good news to my fellow ladies that hate to shave but have men in their lives who like them to. 

Well, a super fun surprise came in the mail and it was a free Schick Hydro 5 for giving away to a lucky lady.  Leave a comment below telling me how much you loathe shaving your legs and I'll randomly select a winner to mail it too.  Do not put your mailing address in the comment, I'll email you if you've won and get it from there. 

Once someone sees you've won this amazing razor they may creep on you so let's prevent that. 
Happy shaving!


  1. Hmmm.. first comment= winner! I HATE shaving.... good thing Adam is gome A LOT so I only have to do it when a. he is coming home or b. I want to wear a skirt/dress. Also, shaving blonde leg hair is so hard bc you can't see it and then end up missing big patches! LAME SAUCE= shaving.

  2. Shaving is awful. My shaving experiences usually end up looking like the shower scene from "Psycho". I don't know why it's such a challenge but I'm constantly trying new razors to find the solution to this shaving query. You should pick me randomly because I can't stop shaving, even in the cold wintry months. I have to wear panty hose (gag x a million) and if you have stubble, the 'hose fight back. #firstworldwinterproblem