Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Happy EP Release Day!

In honor of this nationally recognized holiday I'd like to allude to a surprise that no one is going to really care about except for me and Luke.  And probably Matt.  Here's a hint.  It's a really good hint.

Today is special in that Matt is releasing his Forever EP today.  Make sure you wish him a "Happy EP Day!" because that's a thing and I'm sure he wants it on his Facebook wall.  I'm not really sure what EP stands for but in the past it's been an album pressing with less songs on it and it's cheaper.  His full length record comes out in May so this is just a teaser.  A cheaper tease.  That sounds dirty but it's not really.  And "EP" sounds a little more PC than "Cheap Tease".

So that is good news numero uno.  You can buy it here and it looks like this.  You can also get it at a show but Matt refuses to play in Tampa so you really can't if you live here.  If you are planning on going to any of the Matchbox 20 tour where Matt is opening, you can buy it there. 

Good news numero dos is that the first single off of the album, "Restless Heart" is the itunes single of the week.  Which means you can get it for free.  Which is also why I put it second.  Haha, you already bought it.  Just kidding.  You can get the free one and I won't care (or know).  When you see me selling my juicer on Craigslist and Luke feasting on Kibbles and Bits........you'll know what you did.  But seriously, get it for free. 

Then you can give it 5 stars because you are my friend and it's good to run to  <----try it!!!!

Tres is pretty cool but pretty dumb at the same time.  Matt has a new website that is great.  But it's dumb to get to and we can't figure out why.  There is this splash page that come up when you hit the link and you have to scroll down to the link where it says "Enter Site" to actually get there.  I need to dust off my html for dummies tonight. 

Good news numero quatro is that you guys are the best.  My friends have been so supportive of my 20K for FCA run and I even started to tear up thinking about them (honestly). 


I love these kids, and am so excited to work with them and can't do it without support and I'm humbled that you chose to support me.  I know there are so many places that need financial support today and I can't even express how overwhelming it is when you trust this ministry to help students.  I love you all so much.  THANK YOU!

Tomorrow starts my February juice cleanse.  It's pretty obvious I am no expert at diet and nutrition (or anything really except dog loving) but I honestly have never felt better (in body, mind, and spirit) than after a juice cleanse.  Key word being after.  I feel energized, lighter, clear headed, and more focused.  My skin clears up, any water retention is gone (and I'd like to believe 90% of my body fat is really just water retention), and I just feel good.  Food tastes better and I don't feel like eating a bowl of french fries with a Coke after I've finished drinking kale juice for three days.  Even if a full on cleanse is too much to handle (I get it), try incorporating kale smoothies into your routine.  Kale and spinach pretty much disappear into a smoothie with bananas and peanut butter (my favorite).  And your pee turns green.  (<---that's not true, but that would be wicked cool). 

Dark greens are going to be my valentine this year.  Matt is coping.  Luke is relieved.  

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