Thursday, March 28, 2013

5 years together!

So pumped to drive across the US.  I don't know how much fun it will actually be but it seems like something that might be fun once.  Any road trip advice? 

Last night -5 years ago- was Matt and my rehearsal dinner.  We had it at a Mexican restaurant and I remember it being fun but I kind of floated through that entire week so I honestly don't remember much.  Sorry Mom and Dad.  I know it was expensive not to remember it.  I was going to order in some Mexican or go all out and cook myself some but Publix has steam in the bag veggies for a $1 a bag and let's face it, done.  How terrible does cauliflower smell when it's steaming?  Oh Lord.  It was awful.  I added some cumin and chili powder so it had Mexican flavor.

It says "serves 4" but that is a joke. 

 This might be a tad on the sappy side for I love him so and we've got to do some really fun things in the past five years.  You can skip over this if you want, it is mostly for me to remember on bad days where I'm lonely and nothing very exciting is going on and I'll remember.  You never know when the next adventure is coming from.  Thank you Jesus that every day is a new day. 

My best lady friends are helping me celebrate tonight as Matt makes his way to Vegas for a show.  It doesn't seem right that he is going to Vegas with his buds on our anniversary.  I kind of wish he was headed to Ocala or something of the equivalent.   

Wedding Day- Reading the note Matt wrote to read before the ceremony

Honeymoon- Laguna Beach

Honeymoon- San Fransisco
Honeymoon- Yosemite
2008- First Christmas
2008- Road Trip to DC
2009- Cabo San Lucas

2009- Bonnaroo
2009- Orlando for Matt's show, first hang with Sarah Heiberg

2009- We got a puppy!

2010- Brought house built in 1926 in Seminole Heights.  Christmas!

2011- Matt played a birthday party with Bruno Mars in London

2011- I became obsessed with Bruno Mars.
2011-  We got to live out our dreams at Wizarding World of Harry Potter. 

2012- Halloween in Hyde Park

2012- Christmas in Aspen

2013- Matt played wedding in Domincan Republic

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