Friday, March 29, 2013

I am fluent in Thai menu, thank you.

Yesterday was such a great day.  Work got kind of stressful (whatever could have gone wrong, did) but my mom left me flowers on my desk and I got to spend some quality time with my girlfriends so everything returned to balance at the end.  Thanks for all of the congrats and love, marriage is tough work but it's so awesome to find the person that not only tolerates you but loves you despite your many faults.  And divorce ain't cheap.   

I lucked out royally and have the greatest friends.  They are a guaranteed good time.  They are also guaranteed to say something inappropriate.  If you want a 100% chance of discussing something completely inappropriate for public discussion, I'll give you their numbers and you're set.  We pretty much left the restaurant doing the walk of shame.  We went to Lemon Grass Thai which we are probably never allowed to visit ever again but you should.  It was great.  Most of us got curries and everything looked incredible.  My veggie panang was excellent.  And I know a good curry.  These girls know ME though and we headed for some froyo to continue the inappropriateness.   

Hydrangeas from a friend, so lovely.

Winding down after a long day of being loved with my sweet doodle dog and a big glass of wine.  So perfect. 

This weekend is supposed to be beautiful.  Spin class at 10am.  Be there or be there. 

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  1. hhahaha! i like to talk loud about inappropriate things ;)