Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A HUGE success and a HUGE mistake.

Yesterday was kind of an amazing day. 

Weather wise it was kind of a terrible day and this little guy didn't understand.  He has very sensitive paws and doesn't like wet grass. 

Community wise, it was awesome. 

Food wise it was awesome. 

There were about 30 people that came out to support FCA Tampa at Sweet Tomatoes last night and I was smiling like a fool all night.  I am sure I set the record for the longest amount of time spent in their restaurant.  I got there around 5:45pm and left around 9pm.  I was planning on eating small plates throughout the night but I just ate about 4 full size meals. 

So basically this x 4. 

After mostly everyone left, Jeff couldn't leave either because he loves Sweet Tomatoes now just as much as I do.  A convert every day.  My work here is done.

The square half mile around Sweet Tomatoes is my favorite part of Tampa.  You have my favorite restaurant, my favorite grocery store, Target, Home Depot, Home Goods, Nordstrom Rack, Total Wine, and Cigar City Brewery all right there.  It's almost confusing as to where to go next because you want to go everywhere.  If there wasn't the eighth ring of hell Wal-Mart across the street it would near perfection.

A big group headed to Cigar City but I was tired (eating salad for 4 hours is exhausting) and those episodes of 24 aren't going to watch themselves. 

I couldn't leave the miracle mile without picking up my favorite cookies in the whole world though. 

PSA:  Whole Foods doesn't even bother carrying alternatives to their vegan bakery cookies because their vegan cookies are so incredible.  Everyone knows it and now you do too. 

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip and Regular Chocolate Chip
 I also have to express my concern for my own well being.

My mom isn't on Facebook and doesn't read my blog but if she did, she would have been embarrassed at the daughter she raised.  I've got my Facebook mom, Kerry C. though and she showed me the error of my judgement (lack of, really) and explained to me that spending $25 to size a $13 dollar ring is kind of stupid.  She was nicer about it than that but that honestly never even dawned on me.  I could have saved more than $10 dollars (that is a dinner at a salad buffet that should remain nameless) by just purchasing another ring in the correct size.  Yup.  How did I manage to get into college, let alone graduate?
Welp.  I love it?  And I'll learn some simple math in the meantime so I don't make that mistake again.  I've also hung up my math tutoring for a bit so I can learn the beauty of subtraction and addition and how important it is to being a human being that doesn't waste money. 


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