Monday, March 18, 2013

French Fries, Kale, Repeat

My parents own the most awesome little home right on the river in Hernando Beach.  We don't take advantage of it enough but with Matt's band coming from a town with an actual winter season we had to take advantage of the sweet* Florida sunshine (*sweet sunshine that makes me kind of want to die most of the time).

 The last part of the drive up is pretty beautiful and you feel like you stepped back in time. 

Until you reach the public beach and you realize that time has been very rude to much of this fine town's population.   You haven't seen nothing until you've seen a Weeki Wachee woman.  You'll know when you've spotted her. 

It actually seemed less crowded which I'm guessing is because everyone headed to Tampa for the Kenny Chesney concert.  The water was super clear, we saw 7 manatees, Matt and I tested our marriage by paddling the tandem together, and one of the guys fell in the water in the part where we were most likely to see an alligator.  In all, a successful outing. 

We got some BBQ afterwards and I got my BBQ joint staple of salad and french fries smothered (I don't joke around in terms of BBQ sauce, smooooooooothered) in BBQ sauce.  Very healthy.  One of the guys in Matt's band doesn't like sauce of any kind and probably wanted to die.   I know, he's nuts.

Lucky for me it was the day of all things green on Sunday and if there is anything I's junk in the trunk the color green down.  Green surroundings, green swimsuits, green smoothies, and Guinness marshmallows for St. Patrick's Day smores (Wasa Cracker+ dark chocolate from IKEA <--vegan!+ and Guinness mallow = heaven).  Green is my jam.  Fun fact.  I wanted green flowers for my wedding which looking back seems kind of dumb and super unnatural.  Oh to be 23 and in love. 

I was delivered these mallows via extremely awesome friend and bro in law but you can get them locally at Datz. 

School is back this week which makes me so happy and all of my students so sad.  I'm registering students for leadership camp this month which has been my favorite part of this FCA position, building relationships with students that are capable of leading their peers.  It's amazing.  Thank you Jesus for awesome kids that know how to be responsible people that love others. 

If you want to sponsor a student for camp let me know, email me at or and I'll get you more info.  Throwing this out there too, if anyone would like to get involved in speaking with kids about sports/Jesus I'd love to bring you to a meeting and show you what I do.  I'll be just as embarrassing as I was in high school so if nothing else, you'll always remember your time with me.  I'll leave my sweet "Doublemint Gum" barrette at home this time around. 


  1. OMG-- the barrette! And the Double Cool shirt- perfect combo! How much is it to sponser someome?

  2. T- Camp is $300 a student but you can do half sponsorships also.