Monday, March 25, 2013

Sun is shining and I'm awake.

My heart grows 2 sizes every weekend.  They are just the best.

What wasn't the best was the terrible thing I did on Saturday.  I signed up for the 10am spin class at the gym and then cancelled when I woke up and it wasn't raining.  My friend Elizabeth signed up for the bike right next to me (unknowingly) by some crazy coincidence and was probably going to surprise me with a million dollars but I cancelled and she kept it for herself.  So dumb.  But Luke was happy I did.  He loves to run and chase lizards while I pace myself to his fluctuating speeds.  Intervals I guess.  My own little Bob Harper.

The sun was a little hard to pin point all weekend.  A couple walks were called off only a few blocks from our house because of the sporadic rain but it made for fun frolicking down the street.  My dog likes to jump around when it's raining so I'm sure we looked oddly jubilant for the situation. 

Other than that I did some pretty terrific things this weekend in the kitchen.

Pretty Terrific Thing #1:

 I baked some fantastic banana bread for my co workers.  Mondays are tough, and vegan banana bread is the jam.  I used this recipe and it was great.  I didn't have oil so I used another banana and instead of almond milk I used coconut.  It didn't taste coconut-y at all if that isn't your thing and I've used almond milk before and it tasted the same.  I also baked it in a pie plate so it would fit in my toaster oven and not be too close to the burner.  So good.

Pretty Terrific Thing #2

Pink juice.  The color of this juice was off the chain.  Like "11 year old picking out her own lipstick" pink.  It was awesome.  I used one pink grapefruit, one pear, and half of a beet.  Then I mixed with club soda.  I used equal parts and it was fizzy and sweet and so refreshing.  The beet sprayed up on my face when I forgot to turn the juicer off so that was also refreshing.  Very Dexter-esque.

Pretty Terrific Thing #3:

I did my nails finally.  I know I said "terrific things in the kitchen" but when you live in a small house, everything happens in the kitchen.  My toes have been safely hidden away in ballet flats since our vacation to the Caribbean.  Right.  In January.  It was time.  It was past the time.  Done and done.  Rainy days that you can't put on sneakers for a run are perfect for manicures and pedicures too.  They have all day to cure up so the only thing to smudge them is a crazy dog.  

Pretty Terrific Thing #4:

I've gotten rid of sugar in my coffee.  Bam.  I was adding so little (I use stevia and not sugar but I wanted to see if I could do it) that I just thought that yesterday morning was the day I would go balls to the wall.  And they hit the wall.  Mom- don't look that up.

I use almond milk which I think is sweet so maybe that helps but I looked at the nutritional facts and there is no sugar in it so high five for me.  Almond milk is the best.  So are pajama pants all day long.

I know it's Monday and far to early in the week for tears but this morning I cried.  I saw two of my old students while working at Hillsborough High School for FCA.  They are grown up and look like men and I was just caught off guard.  They were the first students I'd ever taught and to see them grown up was too much.  They still called me "Ms. Rachel" which is what set off the waterworks.  I was completely inappropriate too and asked about their girlfriends and man, I missed being nosy.  Love my kids.  They are what I miss about teaching so much. 

The club this morning was awesome, the kids lead at Hillsborough and did a great job.  They are so smart and responsible and pretty much the exact opposite of what society thinks kids are.  I love my job.  Pray for this school and it's leaders as they seek to honor God with their lives in their short time here.

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