Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Christian Schools, Oatmeal, and's hit list.

Wednesday mornings fill me up with so much joy even though they start way too early.  I run with my dog, shower away my stank sweaty self, get to Hillsborough High School for their morning bible study and then high tail it downtown so I can get to work by 8am.  Phew.  The highlight of my day being seeing the students gather together to study the Word before a day at school.  Oh my, they are so precious.  Today they were discussing prayer and what a healthy prayer life looks like, what it is in their lives, and tangible ways to make sure it stays an important part of their day to build grow a relationship with God.  Prayer is hard to talk about, hard to understand, and hard to make a regular part of your life and here we have 10 teenagers finding it important to talk about before they start school.  Blows my mind. 

Rant alert:
I had a long rant about Christian schools and why they tick me off so much but deleted it until I am not emotionally driven.  Balanced writing on the topic coming soon. 

Speaking of polarizing things.....oats.  I love oatmeal everyday of my life.  A morning isn't morning until I make a bowl of oatmeal.  Half cup of oats, one banana, one cup of water, sprinkle of cinnamon.  Two minutes in the microwave.  Heaven.  I added the remaining fresh strawberries from our picking escapades last weekend.  But some crazy people do not like oatmeal and it baffles me.  I try to entice Matt to eat it instead of his cereal that is loaded with sugar and crap but no dice.  So many people just don't like it.  Bummer for you if you are once of them because it is delicious.

I usually buy oats in bulk from Whole Foods because they are cheap, non-GMO, and I feel cool at Whole Foods but in a pinch I pick them up from Publix so that I don't miss one morning of my favorite breakfast.  The packaging of Publix oats is just confusing though.  Who puts butter in oatmeal?  This package has been the same since forever and it always has that pat of butter right in the middle of the bowl and it is really starting to bug me.  There are even blueberries in the pictures hinting that it is sweet.  I'm so confused.  Please take the butter off the package.

Another polarizing topic is tofu.  Anytime someone finds out I'm a vegetarian they ask if all I eat is tofu.  Um no.  That is gross.  But some of the best dishes I've ever ordered at restaurants had tofu, it just has to be prepared properly.  Would I down a block of the stuff right out of the package? No thank you, some of my breakfast just came up a little.  But you should try it out sometime and I think you might be surprised at how delicious it can be.  I am terrible at cooking it so I don't, but I let pros take care of it, and they usually don't let me down.  Matt went to Chipotle last night and made my heart swell when he ordered it.  He eats out for every meal while touring and I'm trying to get him to eat less meat (and salt and sugar). 

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