Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Bad Tattoo Tuesday

Yesterday was beautiful out on the green.  I know zero about golf and my questions of who was winning went unanswered but the day itself was lovely and we raised a lot of money for FCA Tampa.  I worked the break stations meaning at the 9th hole I was whipping up shaved ice (scoop of ice cream, ice, flavoring) for the golfers and then at  the 15th hole I was serving bacon wrapped scallops.  I know many people love bacon wrapped things but there is nothing more disgusting in the world than watching someone eat one.  And I watched many. 

Any money raised for FCA at these events (races, dinners, galas, tournaments, etc.) go to a variety of things.  Some events raise money for our staff (me!), some raise money for our students to get to camp over the summer, and some provide ways for us to serve our students (we have a kickoff for Fall Football where we serve watermelon to every football team in Hillsborough County and we are serving pizza to the spring sports this Thursday at Sickles).  We take donations very seriously and pray before spending anything we receive.  We want to do the most we can with the money we are given.

On a completely different note.  I was seriously considering getting a tattoo last night and have since been granted some clarity via Pinterest.  I do not want a tattoo.  Seeing a really cool girl with lots of tattoos temporarily made me think I could pull that off with equal coolness but it won't.  There is nothing I want emblazoned on my body badly enough.  I am going to celebrate this today by making sure everyone knows a tattoo is permanent and that means it lasts forever.  Class dismissed. 

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