Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday o clock.

I had a lot to do before my trip up to Tallahassee and knew I had an event to attend this evening so I better get in gear so I wasn't setting my alarm at 4am on a Saturday to clean our guestroom sheets before my parent's showed up to drive me to Grandma's (true story, that is happening). 

All of the clothes I bought for the Taylor Swift concert last week went back to Nordstrom because apparently I mistook my age for that of a high school-er.  When I showed my friend the outfits I bought for the show, she laughed.  That is never good.  I did find a new (to me) nail polish there....pale pink.  Shocker! 
We have an amazing house sitter that watches Luke and loves him almost as much as we do.  It takes a very special person to love our dog.  So I need to make sure our house if clean so she will continue to love him.  
 I don't know if it's because I haven't been running since starting my three week experiment but Luke's little life is in shambles.  I was watching TV last night and normally he cuddles up next to me, but last night?  He sat on the opposite end of the couch and just stared at me.  Like the awkward stare a person gives you that is creepy.  Luke has nailed it. 

He did this for AN HOUR. 

I'm not going to update my progress on Bob's plan on the daily.  It is less interesting than my usual daily life and no one wants to see a picture of more salt less vegetables on my stove.  Maybe I'll post a weekly update of my transition to Jennifer Aniston, so watch out.  I did buy some cilantro yesterday and that is helping flavor things a bit.  You kind of stop wanting food when it doesn't have seasoning.  Maybe that is the secret to Bob's plan.  Woof.  The workout last night was the best one yet though.  His workouts have been so simple (in what to do, not ease of doing) that they kind of get boring.  20 minutes of sit ups, push ups, and squats are hard, but I need more variety.  Last night was 5 rounds for time of 10 burpees, 15 chair raises, and 25 jump ropes.  It didn't look very hard but I was really winded. 
Embarrassingly winded. 
I can't wait to force my cousins to do this with me tomorrow. 
Maybe not though, one of my cousins is a Zumba instructor and she might make me do that which is my least favorite exercise in the whole entire world.

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  1. I bought that book on your recommendation so I'm expecting results!