Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Hurts so good, still hurts.

The only pitfall of shopping locally is the hours of a store don't match my extremely forgetful brain and it's ability to remember my dog has no food to eat right after they close at 3pm on Sunday and remain closed on Monday.  Luke is so stoked to get gourmet meals though until they open back up today.  He is grain-free because he's a little prima donna so I steamed some carrots and pumpkin, sliced up a banana, and tossed in some dried salmon pieces that smell the worst.  He was a happy little camper the past two days.  He's going to be pretty shocked when he gets kibble again this afternoon. 

PSA for this fabulous Tuesday:  Get your annual skin cancer screening ASAP!  I go every year and they take no less than three biopsies to test for cancer.  The last time I'd gone, there were a couple that needed to be removed (scary) and the office I had gone to (which was a plastic surgeon to boot) did a terrible job with the stitches.  My stomach looks like Frankenstein Brides'.  Boo hoo for bikinis.  So I decided I was never going back there again and found a new AWESOME dermatologist.  Her name is Brooke Baldwin of Suncoast Skin Solutions in Lutz, which is kind of a drive but worth it.  My appointment was on time (a small miracle, in my experience at the old dermatologist, a 45 minute wait was expected) and for the first time in my adult life, I walked out with no biopsies.  And she did a thorough check and I felt bad for her because I definitely did not shave my legs which was a shame.    She also checked my feet which also too bad for her had been crammed inside of stinky ballet flats all day.  My favorite part was that they have cloth gowns to wear instead of the paper ones.  Thank you so much....the paper gowns are terrible. 

I have a super hero friend named Liz who spins probably 9 days a week.  She was going last night and I decided to join her, after which she laughed and said "I was in for a treat".  "Treat" to Liz does not mean the same thing as "treat" does to Rachel.  It was tough and I felt sweat dripping from my arm pit which has never happened to me before.  I wanted to shower after the first 15 minutes.  The teacher was kind of hilarious though and made fun of one of the girls in the class because she posted a picture of some lava cake the night before on Facebook.  I love that.  He was very motivating even if he decided that we were too fit for crazy things like "breaks" or "resting".  He probably said "last song" three times.  I hate pushing myself though and I feel like spinning with Liz is helping me overcome my mental block when it comes to that. 

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