Wednesday, May 1, 2013

VH1 + Matt Hires!

If you don't have a job where you go to an office and it would be weird to turn on VH1 then you should turn it on at home around 10:30 am-ish to see Matt and his band looking fine and playing music.  He might be wearing makeup which I hope happens, just because that will be funny to talk about later.  I've an inkling of a feeling that Penn Badgley might be on the show too which gave me the fangirl shivers.....LOVE Gossip Girl.  Knowing Matt, he won't get a picture with him but I hope he does.  And I hope Penn is holding a sign that says, "Hey Rachel!" on it.  Dream come true. 
On the subject of dreams, I missed the high school bible study this morning because I had a dream I broke my arm and I woke up in so much pain I thought I'd actually broken it in my sleep.  About ten seconds passed and I felt fine again.  Super weird.  What was a dreaming about?  Oh you know, being tied up by a serial killer, the usual. 
I walked it out with Luke and did some yoga to ease into Wednesday.  Luke gets in my business all day- every day.  Happy May Day!

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