Friday, April 12, 2013

Peeing and Running = PRing?

Get ready for some terrible photography.  But a really delicious salad dressing.  I threw everything in the blender with really no regard to salad dressing rules or flavor pairing.  It was really good though so I guess I'm just naturally culinary savvy.

Strawberry Balsamic Dressing-

Six Strawberries
1/3 cup of balsamic vinegar
teaspoon of garlic powder
half packet of stevia (or teaspoon of sugar)
A splash of almond milk
squeeze of lemon

Blend away.

Really difficult and really delicious.  If it's too thick, add more balsamic vinegar. 

I topped my kale salad with apple slices and tomatoes.  The dressing reminded me of a raspberry walnut vinaigrette my mom used to always buy but this one has no fat or sugar and is so good so I will never buy that again.  I had way too much left over for one salad and slurped it out of the bowl.  I know that is gross. 

Pro tip: I bet blue/goat/gorganzola cheeses would be really good on this too (just not at the same time, pick one). 

I had a race last night and while salad isn't a great choice for most runner's pre race stomachs, it's never been a problem for mine so there you go.  Kale for the win.  Again.  Always.

Last night was the first race of the two I'm running this week AND it was my first 5K I've ever raced.  I've run a couple 5Ks for charity or to pace/support a new runner but never raced one.  Running a race distance for the first time is rewarding because however fast your time is, it's a PR! Woooo!  So I PR'd last night!
Before the race, getting tough for a 25min 5K.  Turns out my tough face is also the look of constipation.

I met this sweet Australian dog who was running and brought her game.  Yes, this dog is wearing running boots.  I want some for Luke so bad.  Oh. My. Goodness. 

I really wanted to get a 25:00 minute 5K for my PR (which is a good time for me, judging speedsters) but it wasn’t in the cards.  Maybe I was too ambitious for my slow and sweet running style.  I came in at 27:00 on the dot.  There was a massive hill on the course which was tough and that wasn't expected but a really motivating song came on right as I was climbing it so I didn't think it slowed me too much.

Hmmmm…what else could be to blame….oh right.  I peed on myself in the last mile. 

So there’s that. 

It happens a lot actually during training runs and usually I wear black bottoms but for who knows what reason I decided to wear my super awesome pink running shorts from high school.  So super noticeable.  Oh and did I mention I was running with my new company WHOM I’VE NEVER MET.  Great first impression to run while trying not to pee for a mile.  I couldn’t stop giggling in the entire walk home.  Oh right, I parked a mile from the starting line and had the walk of “shame” down Ashley Street which may have well as been Main Street last night as there was a Lightning Game and the race.  Big props to the teenagers making fun of the girl who peed in her pants.  Don’t feel bad for me; I probably drew more attention to my bottoms by trying to take pictures of it.  So mature. 

That is the face of a Florida runner.  Every single day of the year.  Yes, that is sweat dripping from the tip of my nose.
No, that is not a shadow.

After I searched my car for some things to sit on for the ride home (I knew I had some "mom" instincts somewhere), I did a really smart thing.  I took my bib off in my car and put the safety pins in the arm rest.  I am always stressed on the way to races because I couldn't find any safety pins at home and now they are always there.  Winning.

I have such a super fantastic weekend coming up I might just pee in my pants again.  Matt is coming home tonight for a show in Ft. Myers on Saturday and I'm so pumped.  Also my favorite race of the year is tomorrow and my dad might run it with me.  It's a trail run and the course is so beautiful, it's under the tree canopy the entire time so it isn't hot, you run right beside the Hillsborough River, and there is an all you can eat breakfast buffet afterwards with the most delicious fresh cut fruit in Florida.  Bliss. 

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