Monday, April 15, 2013

Stay-cations are okay too

Matt came home for a radio show in Ft. Myers on Saturday which was great because he got picked up by another tour, officially canceling our cross country road trip plans.  Womp womp. 

My parents have a house on the water a couple hours from Tampa so we decided to take the days we had and pack up our little family. After a week of life being hard, it will be a nice retreat. 

Before leaving I got to run my first race with my dad which was so great. He is a marathoner and a legit runner and was probably a little embarrassed to have be tagging along.  And yes, he beat me. I asked him during the race if it was alright if I yelled "he is turning 60 this month!" when he crossed the finish line but he was not very into that idea. I think he's been bitten by the trail running bug too though, it was so fun.  It is so refreshing to be off the road, jumping over fallen trees, trading the smell of exhaust for wet mosses, and skipping over puddles in the forest.  We traded race stories, mused over family vacations, and talked about my little brother behind his back which is my favorite pastime. A beautiful morning in the woods with my dad.

When the race director starts the race on a mountain bike, you know you are in the right place.

An actual person recording the runner's times at the finish.

The chute!

Matt was so stoked to go to church on Sunday but it was Missions Sunday so there was no message like usual. There was a short pow wow about FCA and I got to show my fellow church goers how much sweat I'm capable of producing when Camille and I had to get on stage for prayer.

After a looooong drive to my parents house (time moves slower when traveling with a labradoodle) we are reflecting on the past couple of days/weeks, talking about the future, drinking good wine and strawberry vodka, eating snacks like a starving person,  teaching Luke how to do a proper push up on your knees and trying to sneak as much green into Matt's diet before leaving again.

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