Friday, April 19, 2013

There is good in today.

Sometimes the morning brings such renewal. 

After waking up I pull up my news app- in bed at 5:30am, because that's really a great habit:( to news of the horrific explosions in West, Texas.  This, in combination with the bombings in Boston and a death in the family this week has left my heart feeling so heavy. 

I envisioned a giant ream of white paper and painting each event on it and then just crumbling it up as if life went on, runners celebrated their monumental victories, plant workers went home after the night shift to get to bed, and my Aunt Janet was here to liven up a game of dominos.  Just crumbling it up and throwing it away in a trash can that could hold such pain and keep it locked up.  The weight of this week has been so heavy.

So I leashed up my pup and we prayed and walked in the cool morning air.  My prayers are not beautifully crafted letters to God peppered with Scripture and tears (it is 5:30 remember), but more angry and confused as to why He's allowed so much pain to enter our lives.  I prayed for the victims that are still recovering in Boston, my own family who lost a cherished sister and mother, the community of West that was devastated by the plant explosion...a continual overflow of whys and silence.  Did I get my answers?  Nope.  Do I still have hope in Jesus Christ?  I kind of want to quote Mr. Big here but have deemed that inappropriate so I'll leave it at "absolutely". 
I got home weighing less than when I left (figuratively.....goodness, I wish that was literal).  Thank you Lord for new beginnings every morning.

You know what else is good for the soul?  Watching dogs play. 

I can't get over my dog's tongue.  It's the craziest thing. 

This is his new pal "Maggie" and she, at the age of 10 months, possesses more reasoning skills and maturity than my 3 and a half year old.  Yup.  I raised that.

You know what else is good for your soul?  Amy's Asian salad dressing.  And not the brand Amy's. But my friend Amy.  It's amazing.  I think her husband made it for our dinner but whatever. 

The way to my heart is a salad the size of my kitchen island.

More goodness.....

Our magnolia tree is blossoming.  When I get home from work I'm pulling out the ladder and bringing dozens of blooms inside.  Southern beauty.

Matt and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary this month and we usually at least research what the traditional year's gift is supposed to be and sometimes follow along if it is feasible. 

Year One/Paper-  I got Matt the game "Apples to Apples" and he painted me a picture of a paper airplane.

Year Two/Cotton- I got Matt four enormous blue beach towels (all of ours up to that point had been pink) and he got me bed sheets. I'm a bed sheet snob and a good set of bed sheets must cost AT LEAST $75.  I don't throw that kind of money around so this was a good gift.  Side note- those sheets on the side of the road are made of polyester.  They are super crappy and even if they claim they are made with a 1000 thread count, don't buy in, they may use thousands of threads but those they are thousands of crappy threads.

Year Three/Leather- I have no idea.  That is sad.  I wanted a leather couch and begged Matt but no dice. 

Year Four/Fruit or Flowers- I have no idea.  Maybe we made each other smoothies.

Year Five/Wood-  Matt and I took this year very seriously because "five" seems like an important milestone and he had some handmade wooden flowers sent to me.  They are so cool. 

I got Matt a "cask" whisky in a brand he likes which I thought was clever.  It is.  I also have a super hero friend who took our sad porch swing and refinished/stained it.  So wooden flowers, whisky aged in a wooden barrel, and a wooden porch swing.  I think we did a good job this year. 

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