Monday, April 22, 2013

So I went to a concert. And it was awesome.

Last week was an odd one with days off, Matt home, car breaking down, and trainings in our corporate office so I wasn't heading downtown every morning.  I'm happy to be back to a routine.  I thrive in routines.  Boring is my niche.  My very happy and settled niche. 

The weekend was an extremely needed refresher though.  Filled with friends and Taylor Swift as every weekend should.

As a member of the Yelp community, I was invited to an event at FitLife Foods in South Tampa to taste some new entrees and see the kitchen and meet the founder and employees.  Such an awesome store and extremely delicious food.  Not a whole lot of vegan options but I'm pretty sure I could eat their curried vegetables every day of my life.  Shocker.  The carrot cake they had available wasn't vegan but it was awesome.  I only had one serving which is worthy of some prize in heaven, it was so good.

Back kitchen
Steak and Salmon serving table
Dessert.....and the love of my life, carrot cake

Saturday morning brought an awesome spin class with Liz, who chose not to reserve our bikes at the crack of dawn like last time, thank goodness.  The 10 am class lets me run Luke before hand and gives me excuse to back down from really pushing it because I can say I already ran.  Except no one asked why I wasn't pushing it so I didn't get to give my hardcore response.  Bummer.  Soho Cycling is awesome though, you should try it out.  First timers get a buy one get one class.  Be prepared for really loud random music, and the 10am instructor sings along which is pretty funny. 

Back row suckers.....and no one can see the holes in my Spanx capris FTW.

My awesome husband hooked it up for TSwift tickets.  Steph and I had a blast and danced and stood for her 2 hours set.  It was the best.  I am still getting little flutters thinking about it.  Such a good show.  My dream job would be to be on her creative production team.  If you can think it, it can be built, money was obviously no restriction.

Such a bummer when no one shows up for your show.

Ed Sheeran giving his best Gatsby stare

Complete happy madness

22 was the best song

Taylor and Ed Sheeran did their song together on the stage closest to our seats and it was at this point in the night that my eye (one eye) started watering.  Super embarassing when tears are flowing out of your eye during a song when lots of other girls are crying because Ed was so close and now I'm "them" too.  It was really good though. 

One part of the amazingness of the evening was seeing this girl, my sweet friend from Gainesville.  She is a TSwift super fan and this is her 15th show.  And the 4th one on THIS tour.  She was sitting in the section next to us and got to high five Taylor so we all shook her hand to say we did too by association. 

High five in real time

So how do you top an awesome night?  Church, crazy good workout (Thanks Mary!), and sunset yoga downtown.  Except yoga was cancelled.  So we opted for pizza and beer.  Kind of like the anti-yoga but it was delicious.  Pro-tip, Pizza Fusion makes vegan pizza that tastes like non-vegan pizza.  It was so good. 

Obviously, the beer was terrible.

I've got lots of fun FCA events this week and a trip to Tallahassee coming up this weekend and am so excited.  Bring. It. On.

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