Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Visiting farms brings hipsters to the yard.

I looked forward to leaving the office so badly yesterday because I knew I was on my way to this.  My aunt and uncle own the most beautiful property in Tampa and I get really excited when I get to visit it. 

On this beautiful land grows the most magnificent grapefruit tree.  Never have I ever had such delicious citrus in my life.  It's bright red.  No seeds.  So sweet.  Thank you Jesus for this tree and having it grow on my family's land so I can steal all of them and feel so guiltless.   Sorry Jesus for pairing it with tequila too often. 

They (my aunt and uncle) are totally groovy too and have a massive vegetable garden, tons of chickens laying eggs, and they raise cattle for their beef (that part is sad).  I guess if you are eating meat and killing cows, you feel a little better knowing they had a pretty rad life on the farm, eating grass and hanging with their buds.  They have a new calf and I must have watched it run around for about 15 minutes before moving on, they run so funny.

Inspired by their coolness, I made apple juice when I got home.  I'm curious to know how the mass production of apple juice manages to make a product that doesn't taste like apples.  This tasted like an apple.  Mind blown. 

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