Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Please oh please. Just one more plank. Don't make me sprint again.

Tuesdays are my yoga day where I fall into a gentle slumber after returning home relaxed and stretched out <--yeah right.  I have stuff to do and that never really happens because a day doesn't end at 6:30pm but I think it would be nice because yoga does make me sleepy. 

However I felt like sweating.  And I never feel like that so I figured it was a sign that I should sweat while the motivation was there.  Mary, a local trainer, who writes, unlike mine, an incredibly informative blog, Food and Fun on the Run, and she creates killer (like you want to scream/die/be killed) workouts.  She is a Jillian Michaels/Dexter hybrid.  I've done many of her workouts and they ground me.  When I am done I am laying on the ground for a good five minutes while Luke licks my armpits (it's so weird, please tell me someone elses dog does that too).  She created one a few months ago for her husband (so Mary, when you see the creeper that searched your blog for your husband's name and "workout", it was just me trying to find this and not a picture of your husband working out).  I only did this once because I was going to the gym later but it was great.  I was dripping sweat, which makes me extra beautiful.  Mary, you rock, I never thought I'd think of a plank as a rest period. 

At the gym I had about an hour before yoga and love circuit workouts so I gave myself 10 minutes on four different machines which I thought would give me time to cool down before my class.  I ended up doing about 12 minutes on the rower (my new favorite machine at the gym), exactly 10 and not a minute more on the stair climber (my absolute least favorite machine at the gym), 10 minutes on the spin bike, and about 5 minutes on the treadmill sprinting.  I used a lot of gym wipes but I was never bored.  I was also very sweaty going into yoga.  I found a back corner where I thought no one could see me but it was packed so everyone did.  At least my pants weren't see through like usual so I didn't blind anyone. 

On Wednesdays, I feel really productive because I run my dog at 5:30am (typing that makes me feel impressive so be impressed) shower, make breakfast (to go because there ain't no time to eat), make coffee, get some cuddling in with Luke, talk to Matt (because he's on West coast time and goes to bed when I wake up), and head off to the morning bible study at Hillsborough High School.  It is right down the street from me and I love the kids there.  Even the ones I just meet in the hallway are nice and hold doors for one another and it doesn't hurt that the campus is beautiful.  They have NRT testing which is pretty much the worst.  So extra prayers for the teachers there and students taking these really stupid tests that are supposed to gauge their intellect because legislation says that teachers aren't capable of that.  Maybe if we paid teachers more, it would be a job intelligent people would want to do, and maybe if teaching was a profession that our legislators respected then they would allow them to gauge student performance, not a week of testing with impossible questions.  It is so stupid.  No wonder we outsource.  Rant DONE. 

Tonight I have to say good bye to my in-laws as they are leaving for Africa soon.  This is the perfect fit for them.  They love people so much and to send them out into the world where people need hope, is just so perfect.  Pray that they receive the funds needed to operate on the ground there.  They are holding a training to teach pastors and really want to have the funding to provide meals while the pastors and their wives are attending.  This would be such a blessing to those couples as they make very little money and hardly enough to travel and stay for the conference. 

I'd also like to add that they are not the pastors you see on TV that say they love Jesus and ask for money to help people and then live the lives of royalty.  They sold their house last year to live in an RV so that their expenses would be smaller and they could give more.  If you ever want to hear the whole story let me know and you can meet them because they are so great. 

As a testimony to how much love these two, I'm making curry tonight (shocker) with no spice which is a struggle for me. 

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