Thursday, May 23, 2013

A juice recipe, and a our favorite part of the house is back!

We do a lot of porch sitting at our house.  Much of the time, in I'm in my pajamas looking like I'm sick even if I'm not.  Yesterday I was so that was my excuse.  I did a lot of research into cold kicking foods and juice recipes and got some input on Facebook as well from a friend.  In addition to the Wellness pills we are taking (they taste terrible, imagine if wine was made of garlic, blech), we have been inhaling fresh ginger.

Super Spicy Kick a Cold to the Curb juice:

Serves 2 sick people,

-Three carrots
-One two a half inch hunk of ginger (you may use less, I meant business)
-Two huge apples

I am not sure that Matt enjoyed it, he made a face every time he took a sip, but he finished his like a champ.  It kind of reminded me of ginger beer and probably would have been so good with seltzer water to dilute the spicy kick a bit. 

Our porch swing arrived yesterday!  We've got two friends that are secretly super heroes and refinished and waterproofed our favorite spot in the house.  Once Fall rolls around, we'll get around to finally painting our porch to match this glistening beauty.

I loved it so much I got a little indecent for a photo.  Porch swings make you think you are 11. 

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