Monday, May 13, 2013

Glamping with the best people in the world

So funny story about omitting things to your spouse.

Say someone doesn't like camping.  Camping plans are introduced and quickly denied by this "someone" that doesn't like camping.  Someone that is married to someone that doesn't like camping ends up finding out about said plans and cancels the "no" and turns it into a "yes", and all of a sudden we are going camping.  Here we go.

 I was a total grump the entire way out to the site because I think that is an awesome way to show love to someone and be a good person in general.  Wife of the year.

To alleviate some grumpiness, Matt took Luke and I to Downtown Ocala for a rest stop and get some tea.  It worked a little. 

We also saw this awesome restaurant.  Who wouldn't want to "Explore the pleasure of traditional cuisine"?  It must be tough to include traditional cuisines from "everywhere".  Someone is bound to get offended they weren't included. 

Some friends of our have access to the most amazing campsite in the whole world and we had a blast.  Total grump Rachel was replaced by Pioneer woman Rachel.  Luke had more of a blast even though I'm pretty sure the other dogs would have wished there was 90% less Luke than there was.  He is a crazy boy.

50 acres, 3 campers, 3 dogs, 10 camp

Throw in some gourmet food and it was dang fun.  Having a sweet outdoor kitchen didn't hurt anything either.

The guest of honor for the weekend was the birthday girl who went running with me Saturday morning through the woods on the most beautiful run of my life. 

I was sober all weekend (Thanks Bob Harper, you rock!) but birthday runs should always be celebrated and followed by champagne.  New tradition.   I just raised my water bottle in her honor.

The birthday babe made everyone breakfast (which doesn't sound very amazing, her making it, not the actual breakfast, that looked crazy good).  Who doesn't camp with fresh berry french toast and home made strawberry syrup to pair with the thickest bacon strips I ever did see?

Rides on the four wheeler, long walks, and reading magazines filled up the time we had until heading back into civilization.  Seriously, this place is so far "out of town" it was a little creepy. 

Sad to leave, but if we stayed we would have had to help clean up and after all, we are super duper friends. 

*Side note to our friends, we realized this after we left.  We will help clean all of the dishes at our next soiree to make up for our lack of being good people.

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