Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Sucker for a celebrity diet plan.

Randomness for a wild Tuesday.....

I'm just about ready to be done with Mr. Bob Harper.  The plan is for someone that has something really big (reunion, wedding, etc.) that they realized too late they wanted to look good for and I have nothing on the horizon like that, so zero motivation to omit such large (and delicious) food groups from my diet.  In rebellion, Matt took me out for fro yo last night.  I got a little delirious from the sudden sugar rush.  I think I'll keep on trucking with the lighter sodium intake though, I lost a lot of water weight which I can tell in my face, it's not beautifully puffy like it usually is.  Now you can see all of my wrinkles.  Friday we are going to hit up our favorite brewery and I CAN'T WAIT.  LIKE, CANNOT WAIT.

I visited Leto High School yesterday to hear Tony Mayo speak to the kids about his childhood growing up in Brooklyn.  The kids were hilarious.  Tony wanted all of the kids to yell "Outstanding!" when he asked how they were throughout the presentation and one girl said she just felt "emotional" to which I started giggling.  So mature Rachel. 

After fro yo Matt cleaned our windshield so there weren't bug guts smearing things up all day and distracting our vision from important things like pedestrians and red lights.  He's awesome.  I hate car related things. 

When I get my Prius though, I will take very good care of her and wash her every week

Post fro yo sugar meltdown.  Luke is such a little trooper.

End note:  for the first time on the blog, there was not ONE SINGLE spelling error on the page.  That is a first, I am the worst speller in the history of the internet. 

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