Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Highschool makes me cry.

I attended a "Staff Appreciation" event for FCA at Robinson High School yesterday afternoon and again, I know I say this frequently, but these kids are just so cool.  They used the rest of their club money to buy a cake, cupcakes, etc. to show gratitude to the teachers and staff that have helped make the club successful this year.  So cool. 
I had a mini meltdown on the way to the school that may have ended up with me crying in the Senior lot but that reminded me of what I used to do all the time at Gaither so I wiped my eyes and put on my game face.  Why the tears?  I got lost.  I'm telling you, I couldn't hack it, teaching, ever again.  I've lost all of my ability to deal with stress since I quit.  I needed a cupcake badly but drank a bottle of water instead.  YOLO.
After such a whiny day, it was nice to get home and have an actual person waiting for me though.  It was such a beautiful day to drink green smoothies on the front porch de-stressing and watching your dog romp around the yard chasing lizards.  Perfection.  And we got Tampa's finest couple to accompany us for sushi and fro yo.  Nothing says living the good life like vegetables covered in rice and pay by the ounce dairy free frozen yogurt. 

I don't understand why my roll is always closest to the wasabi every single time.  How is this possible?  Woof.

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