Monday, May 6, 2013

What I should have been celebrating.

Lots to celebrate but I didn't really.  This weekend was VERY low key.  I pulled weeds, hacked away at a runaway vine in our front yard, mopped our floors, went to church, had lunch with my parents, and watched a lot a Damages (my new favorite TV show). 

What I should have been celebrating was:

Cinco de Mayo with a pup that knows how to party.  He was mad because I didn't bring out the tequila for the occasion.  Two more weeks my little furry friend. 

Logan's Birthday!  Oh man, this picture is so precious.  Who wouldn't want to celebrate with that guy?

And finally, after 3 months of being gone (he came home twice, once for two days, once for three days) Matt is back!  I picked him up from the airport after yoga so I probably smelled pretty funky but so happy to have him home.  One of our bikes got stolen out of our back yard last week and I am feeling so much more secure with him home knowing there are burglars preying on the single ladies.  It's like they don't know I'm armed and dangerous.  Have I mentioned how many weapons I have?

Photo from C1 Design and Photography

Also, my in laws are back from Africa.  Some girls might find this distasteful but I have some really great in laws.  They don't keep a blog (which is pretty dumb) but they are always up to incredible adventures.  So happy to have them back.

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  1. Love the pic of Logan on our porch...the very porch where he would ask "Miss Bob" about 50 questions when you all would visit us! Good times! Happy birthday, Logan!