Thursday, May 2, 2013

Cleansing for the rest of us.

So many hugs and awkward face kisses to everyone that shared my constant updates/tweets about Matt yesterday.  He barely had time to breathe during his press kick in NYC, and tonight he plays in the city.  So proud.  After VH1, i Heart Radio, and the Atlantic office for a live Q&A, he deserved a big drink.

Luke and I watched him for the Q&A......Luke brought the popcorn to spite me...he knows I can't have complex carbs after breakfast.

It has been almost one week of Bob Harper's plan and there has been A LOT of this....

Water is kinda making me start to gag.  I ended up taking some days off for my trip down South (only in South Florida does that entail traveling North).  No alcohol though.  My parents invited me to their favorite Wednesday night happy hour and I said "No, because I'm on an alcohol cleanse".  They thought that sounded pretty dangerous which I thought was funny until my mom asked me later why I was using alcohol to cleanse.

If I did that I might just look like this all the time.


 Note to family, I try some crazy diets/cleanses/etc. but if I ever go on a "nothing but alcohol" cleanse?  Go ahead and commit me.  I'll probably be baker acted by someone else anyway and I'd rather it be you.

It was gloom city in Tampa yesterday so I went to a spin class instead of walking the dog which really ticked him off.  I wanted comfort food and Bob's plan is pretty much anti-comfort so I had to think outside the box. 

Clean Eating Tomato Bisque:
-can of tomatoes (salt free)
-low sodium (actually low sodium) vegetable broth
-light coconut milk
-fresh garlic
-basil (I used dried but fresh would have been so good)
-curry powder

I sauteed the garlic for about 45 seconds on medium heat in about a tablespoon of water.  Then poured the can of salt free tomatoes into the pan, added a cup of low sodium veggie broth, a teaspoon of curry, half a can of light coconut milk, teaspoon of dried basil, and a prayer that everything would taste good.  It needed salt but was pretty tasty. 

While Luke hunted lizards on the porch,  I got to watch him and drink soup for about ten seconds until the mosquitoes found me.  I don't know why they were interested as I haven't had sugar in foooooooooooooorever.  They are probably still feasting on the bite of my aunt's Honey Bun Cake. Oh Lord. 

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  1. Haha. Alcohol to cleanse. Your poor parents.

    That soup looks good!