Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The perfect birthday weekend.

The only downfalls of this weekend were the below.....
1.)  Stingrays....We went boating for the day to practice our wicked diving skills in the Gulf and my dad stepped on one on his 60th birthday.  I couldn't believe it.  Like a beast though he went running the next day.  Killin' it. 
2.) Yellow Flies......worse than mosquitoes because they are the size of a quarter and don't hurt until you wake up three days later with welts that make you feel like you have chicken pox.  Like a beast, I complained about my bites all day.
3.) Dancing.....I definitely don't know how and it definitely was apparent when I possible threw my back out of alignment. 
Although some feet ailments, welts, and back problems arose, we had so much fun. 

Post 60th/27th Weekend Birthday Blind Beer Tasting

Fire experts

Passed out

Crab Boil

Mandatory stop before Baltimore, Taco Bus

Today definitely has the juju of a Monday.  NOTHING is working correctly.  My email, my phone, my servers.  NOTHING.  I need more coffee and the world to know that my back hurts from dancing to much.


  1. Sounds like a pretty great weekend :) And heck yes, your dad is a beast!

  2. Oh man, missing you guys! Sending hugs to all, and many birthday wishes to your pops! <3