Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Randomness and inappropriate google searches.

I'm so sorry Web MD for abusing your services.  And I'm sorry you know more about me than my closest friends.  I'm not sorry for cursing you when you told me the solution to my lower back pain brought on by spontaneous dancing can only be cured by surgery.  Maybe I didn't tell it I was a juicer.  And juicers are healthy people with no back problems. 

Yesterday this gem wouldn't load onto the blog but now it has so you are lucky.  My parents FOUND this awesome float on their boat.  Who needs a real jet ski when you have this little guy to balance on.  And they tried.  They tried so hard. 

Also dog loves to hug.  He is the cuddliest pup I've ever seen.

Yesterday NOTHING worked.  My iphone had stopped communicating with GMail and Blogger, my office email passwords expired at some point and our service desk is in St. Louis so I couldn't call until 9:30am, our office phones weren't calling out, and our internet went out around the time some of these things were being resolved.  It was like a Monday amplified with a thousand bugs bites and back pain.  I needed an Arrested Development marathon in the worst way possible.

Last night we ended our Memorial Day weekend extravaganza, non stop partying with a game night with our small group.  They are really smart and really smart people don't title teams, Girls vs Guys.  They use chromosomes.  At least I thought they were chromosomes, hope they are.

Another amazing thing.  The most competitive guy in the world is in this picture.  And he is not holding a dog.  He is wearing a hot dog shirt.  It was hard to take his competitive spirit seriously last night with that beauty on.  Where do you find something that amazing?

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