Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Nerds win pretty amazing awards and juice that looks like sewage.

My new dermatologist and I are going to be pretty amazing friends.  I haven't seen some of my best friends since last year and I've seen her twice in the last two months with two more appointments coming up in June!  Woohoo!

Not really. 

When I last reported I had no biopsies or unusual spots, what I meant was, I had no NEW unusual spots.  I had two OLD unusual (she called them "atypical") spots that I didn't want my old dermatologist taking out because he sucked at surgery.

Because of this, my new dermatologist did dissolvable interior stitches and the outer stitches which will need to be removed.  I was appreciative to the extra work done to make sure my new stitches didn't look like the other one (both on my stomach, which kind of looks like I've been shot a few times at this point) but the only downside was it took three times as long for the procedure. 

Thankfully they numbed me up with what seemed like 5 syringes.  Still, it is pretty uncomfortable to feel someone stitching you up and not "feel" anything. 

In two weeks I go back for another spot on my back.  And I have another appointment for stitches removal.  Anyone know how to do that?  I will take you to dinner so I don't have to go back twice. 

Apparently I must have bled a lot because by the time I got home I felt depleted.  I needed some greens.

An entire bunch of kale, half a lemon, half a beet, small piece of ginger, two carrots, one apple

The juice ended up being pretty delicious despite it's un appealing color.  Kind of looked like a stout, it was really dark. 

Matt chose tacos for dinner and I give this recipe a two thumbs up, officially in rotation, award for being delicious. 

For the taco "meat", I diced an onion and let it cook until it was translucent.  I added the leftover lentils from the weekend (about 3/4 cup) and cooked those until they were hot.  I mashed them with the spoon and added a can of kidney beans to the mix.  I also made a big batch of taco seasoning (I use this recipe which is pretty solid and double the garlic/onion/oregano), added two tablespoons, and let it continue to cook, adding water when it became dry.  Just before serving I added about a quarter cup of sliced almonds because I like them and they added some texture. 

*You can buy "vegan" crumbles which would make this an easier and quicker dish to prepare but they aren't as good and are more expensive.  This was great and while it's not going to fool anyone into thinking it is ground beef, I honestly don't think a meat eater would mind forgoing beef for this.  Some of the substitutions wig people out anyway.

Wow, my calling is clear.  Food photographer.

I realized half way into making the stuff for the tacos that I didn't have corn tortillas and only corn tostadas.  Womp womp.  So we had those instead. 

For the Corn Salsa, I cut the kernels from one ear of fresh corn, I diced one ripe tomato, about two tablespoons of diced red onion and two green onions.  Then Matt picked a bunch of cilantro and we added that too.  I could eat this everyday, it is so good. 

We have been wanting to start clearing out our closets for a while and knowing it is not the most fun job, we just have been putting it off and our stuff is just bursting from our storage spaces.  It wasn't that bad and we found so many gems by way of old pictures from high school. 

I found three conduct award medals from my elementary school.  Mahaffey children follow the rules.  I also found two medals from my days in Odyssey of the Mind.  Nerd alert. 

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